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12" Powerbook with slight screen scratches--What to do?

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Well I got it yesterday from the Apple Store. I have been waiting three weeks for this to arrrive. After about a half hour I noticed in the daylight some (4 or 5 ) scratches on the LCD, they are not really that visible when the unit is on, but when the unit is off and in daylight or with a halogen light you can see these faint, but sharp 3-8 cm scratches. I called Apple Canada within 45 minutes of opening the package. That was yesterday and they are still working on the case. I don't want to install any software as I await their decision. Am I being too picky here? Anybody else have this problem with laptops from the Apple Store?
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Apple should not be diddling around making YOU wait for what's THEIR fault -- don't give up until you've got a flawless machine in front of you. I've had some annoying experiences with Apple myself, but everything eventually worked out.

Demand nothing less than perfection from Apple -- you're paying top dollar. I'd even demand compensation for your lost productivity -- extra battery or something -- you've waited for your order long enough and now they've shorted you even further.
dude, I would lose my mind. I would trip if there was a scratch in an eBay item I bought, let alone something that I bought direct from the manufacturer. Dude, they need to get on the case right away. Oft, cust service is how companies set themselves apart. Esp, with a new prod launch. They need to get on that...

BTW, how does that 12" feel so far??Aside from the frustration of having a scratch on it, does it have zip??
Tomac, if I have any need for legal aid with Apple I will put you on the case. Thanks for the support thus far.

I will be calling Apple Canada tomorrow if I do not hear anything in the AM. As for the speed etc. I really have not used it since finding the scratches. I do know that the airport extreme works fine. Even though they are slight and not really visible when the unit is on it is still depressing and have not bothered to install anything as it will be a waste of time (perhaps). I have the unit ready to head back to Apple as soon as they give me the ok (which they should) and if they let me I will ask to bump up to the superdrive model while we are at it.

Here's a link to the suffering I had to go through. Happy ending though.

I dealt with a quite helpful customer service representative at Apple Canada -- Stuart. Everything was depressing at the beginning, but if you keep at it and lay out the facts of the TRAUMA that you've suffered, things should go your way. You should definately consider getting AppleCare within the next year -- priceless. I still think ram or a battery would be a good appeasement for your case -- they owe you, and should desperately try to keep you as a customer. You bought a Ti 550 from Apple in the past, right? Demand a 12" PowerBook that does not WOBBLE (battery BETTER sit flush too), does not BURN you, does not have rubber pads on the screen bezel that don't sit flush with the case when closed.

The customer comes first -- that's YOU. Talk to a higher level within Apple Canada if you're not satisfied with the info they feed you tomorrow. Apple needs to get past 3% WORLD market share, and the customers are the ones who REALLY make it happen, showing their Macs to others, getting them to switch -- Apple had better keep current Mac customers satisfied or we'll see a reverse switch. Scary thought, but true. When one shells out so much for an Apple, it should be the fit and finish of a high-level BMW -- flawless and efficient.

Keep up the fight, it'll likely work out. Good luck.

APPLE >>> I love my Dual 1.25GHz PowerMac (fw800). :D
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just a follow-up. Talked to Apple today, I called a couple of times before I got through. They will replace the unit. I first must wait for RMA info and once I ship the old unit and they get confirmation from Fedex then they will process the order and "build" the replacement. As for upgrading to a superdrive, they will only ship the original config. Not too bad but dealing with Dell is much easier IMHO.

March 11, and still no RMA info. that was to be sent to me allowing the return of the old unit. I called Apple yesterday and they did have me scheduled for the replacement but could not tell me the status of the return tags and thus no new unit sent out. Am I going to have to send and email to Steve J. soon?
When I went through my fiasco, Apple shipped me the replacement before I shipped my machine back -- I had two iBooks at one point. Although this certainly was a trustful move by Apple, it allowed me to continue my productivity without interruption.
Tomac, you don't happen to have the email address of somebody at Apple Canada Customer Relations do you?

Nope, I don't have anyone's email address. Sorry. Try to ask for the same person that you've dealt with -- who may remember you -- and if they can't help you ask for a higher level.

You shouldn't have to be without a laptop at ANY time. Apple SHOULD be able to right their wrong, and do it CORRECTLY by shipping you a brand new PB before you ship yours away. Keep on venting until you get the justified solution. I'd say they've caused enough TRAUMA already -- they'd better kick themselves in the @$$ and not let the situation drag on any further.
I just want to keep this on record I guess. Well I got the Return Merchandise sticker which were MAILED (YES, US post $0.37 stamp from Austin TX it took 6 business days to reach me) on the morning of Fri, March 14. I call Fedex by 9:30 and they will not pick up the unit until Monday. On Monday, March 17 after Fedex picks up my scratched unit I call Apple and they will now release my replacement unit for "building" I guess that is what they mean by putting an Airport card in it. Expected ship date is the 20th and based on the first unit it will take a 4 business days to get here after it has shipped from California. I just got a message and there is another delay, the unit is now scheduled to ship on the 25 of March. I know that it is only another 5 days but the initial order was made Feb. 12! What is going on? Don't they want to sell computers? :mad: :mad: :mad:
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