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Dr. G, your hounds sound very much like my Standard Schnauzer. Great guard dogs but with complete attitude. We are penalized everytime she is displeased by one of our actions (such as going out for the evening). The dog is too intelligent. We're going away for a few days overthe holidays and she KNOWS. We're dreading the consequences. Bribery is only partially effective.

She unfortunately also displays some ugly behaviours. She hates kids on roller blades, bikes or skateboards and if their arses (as is the fashion even in -20 Toronto) are hanging out of their pants, they are prime targets. We had to remove a window shelf since she took to patrolling it and plastering her mutt to the glass at the first sign of a delivery person. Fortunately, she's only 40 lbs so she is handlable. 39.8 lbs of that are muscle and gristle though.

She's a great dog.
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