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100% of proceeds on Classifieds going to loans for

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Through the Classifieds, people are eligible to post ads by either forum participation (Registered for 30 days and having a least 30 posts in the forums) or by purchasing credits via PayPal.

I'm announcing today that 100% of all proceeds made through the Classifieds are going towards loans at

Please check out the website, and I strongly encourage you to get involved yourself! It's one of the neatest uses of the internet I have ever seen.

You can view my lender page here.
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This micro loan is such an excellent idea. The man, an Indian billionaire who invented this won a Nobel Prize for this. I am so glad this is really catching on. It develops an economy in impoverished areas, a necessary component of development.

Good job ehmax for supporting this!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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