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Ok, after upgrading to Panther from 10.2.8 on my upgraded B&W with a G4/500, I found that Panther is much faster than 10.2.8 Here are the bechmarks with XBench 1.1.3.

System: B&W G4/500, ATI PCI Radeon 32mb card, 60gig Drive, 1gig RAM, OS 10.2.8 :

XBench result score: 50.64

System: Same as above with Panther 10.3

XBench result score: 59.01

The big differences were that "Thread Test" nearly doubled in speed, "Lock Contention" also doubled in speed, Memory test, System and Allocate all showed increases, with Allocate increasing by 2.5 times.

All the increases in speed were with the CPU and memory, while Video remained roughly the same with the exception of Text doubling in speed and OpenGL showing a marginal improvement.

I will have try some games now to see if there is a frame rate increase or not.

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