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10.2.5 is on SU

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I had one issue so far, where after Update installation and subsequent first reboot, Apps launched would 'Not Respond'. They're launched, but not 'user-accessible'. Context-clicking on the Dock Icon showed a greyed-out 'Application Not Responding' item in the menu. I had to Force-quit six Apps (Safari, Viewer, Mail, iTunes, iChat, iCal) before I decided to unplug one USB device at a time to trouble-shoot it. I started with my Belkin Bluetooth Dongle, disconnected it, rebooted, and the reboot ('Happy Mac screen') took like 5 minutes! But, it did finally boot, and all is fine now. I reconnected my BT Belkin dongle, and all is fine still. I've read some little reports here and there where people have been having issues with some USB devices, drivers specifically.
What's new in this version:

-Bluetooth Setup Assistant now works with certain Microsoft keyboards and mouse devices.
-Includes Bluetooth support for Nokia 7650 and P800 phones.
-Improves compatibility for discs burned with certain Panasonic consumer burners.
-Adds Image Capture support for Canon EOS 10D, ZR65, and ZR 70 cameras.
-Adds disc burning support for several device-LaCie d2 DVD Multi U&I Drive and d2 CD-RW 52x24x52x, Visual Frontier COHH-B1-A48 and COSP-B1-C24, MacPower Cold Chisel 24x12x24x8x, and these BUSlink devices: FW5252FM FireWire 52x24x52x CD-RW drive, FW4848FM FireWire 48x12x48x CD-RW Drive, RW4040FM FireWire 40x12x40 CD-RW Drive.
-Addresses an issue in which domain name lookups could fail if the DNS server responded with a very large reply packet.
-Improves the way that LDAPv3 connections time out when idle.
-Addresses a potential data loss issue that could occur when copying certain files to an SMB volume.
-Addresses issues with Internet Sharing when certain types of DSL or cable modem connections are shared.
-Improves security by resolving an issue in which a guest could gain read access to the contents of a shared Drop Box folder remotely.
-The Internet preference pane can now store .Mac passwords that are up to 32 characters long.
-Addresses an issue in which some Apple internal modems could not establish or maintain a connection to certain Scandinavian Internet service providers
-Improves Mail's selection of character encoding for messages sent in these languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian.
-Improves Mail responsiveness for accounts configured with multiple POP servers, when the servers are unavailable.
-Addresses an issue in which an application could unexpectedly quit when printing, if /tmp was missing or unavailable.
-Addresses an issue in which a damaged GIF file, such as a Web site graphic, could cause an application to unexpectedly quit.
-Addresses an issue in which certain PICT graphics could not be displayed.
-Addresses an issue in which the date may unexpectedly be set to 1969 or 1970 during startup.
-Addresses an issue when using the Hanin input method for Traditional Chinese in which Carbon applications could unexpectedly quit if a modifier key (such as Control) was pressed when no text insertion point was available.
-Addresses an issue in which Classic fails to start ("Error 1016") when applications available to a non-Admin user are restricted.
-Addresses an issue in which the Classic environment could become unresponsive after placing a Classic application's save confirmation dialog box in the background.
-Addresses an issue in which using the Command-Option-Shift-Q key command would immediately quit the Classic environment.
-Improves the reliability of AppleEvents traffic (inter-application communication) between software running in the Classic environment and native Mac OS X; addresses an issue in which a user might not be able to logout after using a Mac OS 9 version of America Online (AOL).
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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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