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1.25 Dual Has Shipped!

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I just checked my "Order Status" on Apple's website and my G4 has shipped. No email confirmation from Apple as of yet. This is good news for those of us whose orders were "delayed" a week or so ago. :D
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I'm thinking of ordering a Dual 1.25 Pwer Mac with superdrive from Apple. When I contacted them last week they said it would take 3 days to ship. I'm not sure if they ment it would take 3 days to build, then ship, or 3 days to deliver it to me.

Does anyone know how long it would take to order a new Power Mac and have it delivered to Mississauga?
When I talked to the people from Apple, they said they would take $75 off. I'm snot sure uf ut was becasue I said I was a student but it's nice. Also, ground shipping is free from Apple.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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