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  1. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    Hi guys. As you all know, FF5 was just recently released and I have installed it. There was a very nagging problem on FF4 where the CPU usage would spike up while watching movies on YouTube, as compared to Safari. FF5 however continues to have the same problem. Activity Monitor screenshot given...
  2. Anything Mac
    A while ago I was able to import youtube videos with this website: : Online FLV Converter : Download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP. It's free! and I still can. The problem is that I cant remember what I did a while ago to make the sound work. I still have sound on my old...
  3. Anything Mac
    Hey Guys. Is there a way to watch YouTube subscriptions on a mac, rather than going on the actual YouTube website and watching the vids? Let me know.
  4. Anything Mac
    Hey guys! I like to watch my news on YouTube, I'm subscribed to a a couple channels and sometimes I am so annoyed of reading some of the comments posted on YouTube. I watch a lot of American politics and it's been really on fire, and most people post racist comments, or just rubbish. So, now...
1-4 of 4 Results