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    Hello there. Here the deal. Recently, at home, I almost always get a "can not connect host" error message in Safari, FF, Chrome when accessing a specific website ( It's strange because a) I've never encounter this problem with any other website (yet) and b) sometimes (rarely), it...
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    My New Music Thread music
  3. Photography Focus
    Im working on this blog about apple and i was hoping i could create a logo for it. I have training in photoshop and illustrator but what should i make. Apple slice, something else. Any ideas or links that can get it started..:D
  4. Everything Else, eh!
    Just like the title says... I just launched v7.0 of my personal site! :-) If you folks could take a look at it... and give me some feedback I would really appreciate it! The good, the bad, the ugly... please though - try to be constructive :-) dmpp : DMP Productions [version 7.0] | David...