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  1. iPhone, iPad, iPod & iOS
    Hi, I’m looking for a 6s Plus or 7 Plus with at least 64gb. Unlocked or locked to Telus. Let me know what you have and you’re asking price. Phone should be in great condition, no repairs needed. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Mac Desktops
    Was looking for a recent Mac mini, found one via another site.
  3. Mac Portables
    My daughter's faithful 2007 Macbook is slowly succumbing to its current environment of sea air (she lives on a ship) and is rapidly becoming unusable. We were warned ahead of time that the sea air takes a toll on non-sea prepped electronics. I believe the salt air has corroded the electronics...
  4. Mac Desktops
    No longer looking for a gently used Mac Pro UPDATE Feb. 5, 2012. Purchased one on EhMac. Thanks. I know they are out there. Perhaps you haven't gotten around to posting an ad. Rest assured your faithful Mac Pro will be in a very good home. I’m looking to upgrade from my trusty, but somewhat...
  5. iPhone, iPad, iPod & iOS
    FOUND - iPad 16GB (first generation) Found a 16GB WiFi. Hello I am looking for a pre-loved first generation 16GB WiFi iPad, Will also consider a WiFi + 3G or a larger capacity WiFi model, if the price is within reason. Looking to spend less than what Apple sells their refurbished first...
  6. Mac Desktops
    Hi, I'm looking for a 20" iMac (intel) or mac mini in good shape, preferably below 1 000 $ (for the iMac, of course). In Montreal area. Thank you !
1-6 of 6 Results