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  1. Everything Else, eh!
    Sending prayers to the injured and my condolences to the deceased. But that was a seriously catastrophic accident. The front of that bus was torn right off. I don't see how the driver could has survived, but praying nonetheless.
  2. Everything Else, eh!
    Surprised this hasn't come up as a thread... two days' old now... Lac-Mégantic's tragedy is a most unnatural disaster On a beautiful summer night, we are to believe, 73 driverless cars of the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway somehow came broke loose on a siding near Nantes, 12 kilometres...
  3. Everything Else, eh!
    Alleged terror plot targeting Via train thwarted Canadian police say they have arrested two men and thwarted a plot to carry out a major terrorist attack on a Via passenger train in the Greater Toronto Area. In a press conference that followed an exclusive report by CBC's Greg Weston, police...
1-3 of 3 Results