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  1. Anything Mac
    How Steve Jobs scammed Apple for free lunch with $1 salary - Business Insider
  2. Anything Mac
    Saw this at The Star today. Some nice photos and videos of Steve from the beginning. Steve Jobs Honoured in Online Museum This is from the actual website. Steve Jobs: From Garage to World;s Most Valuable Company
  3. Anything Mac
    You guys heard about this? A lost tape from 1995 is resurfacing.
  4. Anything Mac
    Writer, teacher and Steve Jobs' biological sister Mona Simpson has her eulogy published in NY Times.
  5. Anything Mac
    Sounds like both Coldplay and Norah jones played @ 1 Infinite Loop. CNET has footage. <--- semi TMZ'ish but oh well.
  6. Anything Mac
    Even though Apple stopped going (I think the year after I last went?), i'm sure the 1st one since his passing might be an interesting one. Just a thought... Has anyone been the last few years?? What are they like now??
  7. Anything Mac
    Not sure how old this is, though you can gauge it from the product in the store. Wow. G4 towers + iBook + Titaniums. So was this the actual 1st store before it opened?? Regardless, he meticulously lays out what the store is all about from layout, to product and accessories, the Genius bar...
  8. Anything Mac
    Ok this is the scenario Steve Jobs decided to retirees: and left apple :( (most of us would cry when the day comes):( his position at apple is left to you:clap:. with a recommendation by Steve jobs and approval of the board of directors let’s pretend I don’t want any reason why you can’t be...
1-9 of 10 Results