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solid state drive
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  1. Anything Mac
    My next using will be all SSD everything. I plan on getting my hands on an Air OR a 13" rMBP but either way, i'll be going solid state (no choice) My q? is - what are you doing w/ your music libraries?? Are you storing them on your SSDs? I would ideally have a 1TB unit, but I do recall...
  2. Mac Desktops
    I am selling an iMac 21.5-inch, Mid 2011. This is the ultimate iMac setup! It has both a 120GB SSD startup/applications disk and a 500GB 7200RPM hard disk. Boots to desktop from off in about 10 seconds. It also has it's optical disc drive (ODD), it was NOT removed to add the SSD, this is a...
  3. Mac Related Accessories
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  4. Anything Mac
    Just saw this on Canada Computers site as I've been trolling around looking for deals on Solid States. 128 GB SSD for $149.99 Just over $1/GB which is amazing considering the going rate is $2+/GB depending on capacity. I just can't get over the small sizes. But still, maybe as a bootable w/...
  5. Anything Mac
    Hi all, my first post. I'm a Mac fan, after 18 months of use. I dipped my feet in the water with a G4 iMac (too slow). Then I went to a troublesome G5 iMac, with a major power supply issue that made it by a nose into Apple's extended service for G5 power issues. I got rid of that and went to a...
1-5 of 5 Results