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  1. Everything Else, eh!
    Hi everyone I haven't seen a thread like this on here yet, but I know there are quite a few people that play. I don't play out so much anymore (the scene for cover bands has really dried up and it's just not worth trying to chase it down these days as there's no money either) ... but I do a...
  2. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    Perhaps you guys can shed some light on a problem I've been having with my internal mic in my MacBook 13". I record a lot on Garageband and often switch back and forth between using the internal one and plugging in an external one. Now I'm not sure if switching drivers frequently is the cause...
  3. Anything Mac
    Hello all, I have a unique need for video conferencing. I work on a web series for the site :: Fraud Squad TV:: where we interview people from around the country about fraud related issues. Currently our remote interviews are done with a bunch of flash memory camcorders - the interviewee...
1-3 of 3 Results