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  1. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    I'd like to order more ram for my 27" iMac (Late 2015), but i'm not sure of the exact specifications I should be looking up for price comparisons. About my mac says I have: 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Will any ram like that do? Any suggestions? I'm looking to get 16 more gigs of ram (2, 8 GB sticks).
  2. Mac Related Accessories
    For Sale: 1066 MHz 4GB RAM pair for Mac Pro Brand: NuImpact NUA-MPRO1066/2G Sold by (stickered) Suitable for most 2009 - 2010 Mac Pros with "Nehalem" generation Xeon CPUs. $50. Free shipping with tracking to anywhere in Canada.
  3. Mac Related Accessories
    For Sale: Apple / Hynix PC3-8500 2GB RAM module Apple part number MB981G/A Hynix model HMT125U7AFR8C $20. Free shipping with tracking anywhere in Canada.
  4. Anything Mac
    I was pretty spooked. 3 beeps i've NEVER heard before in all my time tooling in the past. I was like. WTF. So i jumped on google and I got the news: 3 successive tones, a 5 second pause (repeating): This indicates RAM does not pass a data integrity check. BUMMER. Bigger bummer is that I'm...
  5. Anything Mac
    Haven't had to look into RAM in some time - and it shows. I was researching just a few nights ago as I got my hands on a MacBook 5,1 unibody and plan to ram it to it's max - 8G, and install a SSD. This is meant to hold me down until I figure out what to buy next (MBA or MBP). So specs say I...
  6. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    Hi I have a mid-2013 13" MB Air and a mid-2010 21" iMac i3 4GB base model. My iMac feels really slow against the MB Air and it is time to replace it. I want to purchase an iMac that feels as fast (or faster than the MB Air) however the 7200rpm drive is not as fast as SSD in the MBA. My...
  7. Anything Mac
    My mid 2012 MacBook Pro has developed a problem where one RAM slot is only working intermittently. I can't afford the $600+ for a replacement logic board. WIll it work if I upgrade the good-side RAM chip to 4 or 8 GB and leave the other side empty? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  8. Anything Mac
    Want to upgrade the ram (DDR3) on my macbook 2.26 (late 2009, 6.1) running OSX 10.9 Mavericks currently has 2GB (2X 1GB). 1st: Can I go as high as 8GB (2X 4GB)? 2nd: What brand of ram will work and is best? Thanks
  9. Anything Mac
    I'm running what is clearly an older lap now. Core 2 Duo 2.93 Penryn. I'm considering doing a complete re install of all s/w and possibly a new HD as I'm on an older one (and I do back up daily) as I'll possibly also leave x.6 behind. But I was just looking @ my profile and I've not upgraded...
  10. Anything Mac
    I'm shopping for RAM for a 2012 Mac Mini. The Kingston KTA-MB1600 8G unit goes for about $75 at Tiger Direct, and a pair of them is $137 at Canada RAM, but has them for $39.99! Is there anything wrong with this picture? Why so cheap? Or should I stop questioning it and just buy it...
  11. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    A family member has an Apple MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.0 13" on which Safari crashes repeatedly when watching YouTube videos. The owner is insisting that the hardware is faulty and wants it "repaired," but I say it's the fact that the laptop only has the original 1 GB of RAM installed. It's...
  12. Mac Related Accessories
    Please delete ad. *** Oops. Duplicate post. I forgot it was already sold. Sorry. *** 2GB module of original Apple RAM, 1066MHz DDR3 ECC SDRAM PC3-8500.
  13. Mac Related Accessories
    RAM for Mac Pro - SOLD Selling one 2GB module of original Apple RAM. Pulled from Mac Pro Quad Core 2.66 (2009/Nehalem): 1066MHz DDR3 ECC SDRAM PC3-8500 Compatible with these Mac Pros: 2009 Quad-Core (MacPro 4,1) 2.66GHz / 2.93GHz / 3.33GHz 2009 8-Core (MacPro 4,1) 2.26GHz / 2.66GHz / 2.93GHz...
  14. Mac Related Accessories
    Just bought a Mac Pro 1,1 original Quad Core 3.0 with 2 empty slots crying out to be filled. Looking to buy either 4GB (2x2GB) or 8GB (2x4GB) of RAM. Specs: Matched set PC5300 DDR2 ECC 667MHz 240-Pin FB-DIMM with Apple approved heat sink. Prefer in-person transaction. Hoping to find a seller...
  15. Mac Related Accessories
    pulled from my dead g5 i-mac. conversely, if anyone has their own 2GB DIMM i'd certainly take it and pair it with mine and drop it into my DP g5. also, i'm parting out my aforementioned 20" g5 imac (isight). anyone want anything? i'm in rural bc. canada post is relatively cheap.
  16. Mac Related Accessories
    During fall cleaning, I came across a cache of RAM sticks. These are all presumed to work fine. If they didn't work when I packed them in static bags, I wouldn't have kept them. That said, these are sold as-is, with no warranty whatsoever. 2x Hynix 2GB PC3-8500 SO-DIMMs (for all 2009 iMacs...
  17. Mac Related Accessories
    Just picked up a Late 2005 DP 2.3 G5 tower. I'm looking for the corresponding Airport Extreme Card Kit (MA252G/A) and/or a suggestion for a different wireless option. Also looking for some RAM pc2 4200. Either a pair of 2GB sticks or a pair of 1GB sticks. This is a bit of a reclamation...
  18. Mac Related Accessories
    Maxed out my trusted roadworthy MACBOOK and and so am asking $35.00 for the 2. Bloor West Toronto Area for pick up or buyer pays for shipping. Cheers E.
  19. Mac Related Accessories
    SOLD --- Early 2008 Mac Pro RAM - 2GB - $60 --- SOLD ---- SOLD ---- Recently upgraded my Mac Pro to 24 GB of RAM and I no longer have slots left on the risers for these two sticks. This is the original RAM that shipped with my machine, please note that this RAM will only work in the early 2008...
  20. Mac Desktops
    eMac 17" 1Ghz beauty for sale-price includes RAM For sale, A much-loved 17" eMac, 1Ghz, 40GB hard drive, Tiger clean install. Great classic runner. Great condition. For $90 with 1GB RAM. Special plexiglass round riser stand $20 extra.
1-20 of 39 Results