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  1. Mac Portables
    found. thx. please delete thread. Looking for a MacBook Air with at least 4GB of RAM in good condition with a healthy battery. HD size not to important. Prefer 13" model but an 11" might also be ok. Remaining Applecare would be welcomed but not a deal breaker. I am on a limited budget and...
  2. Everything Else, eh!
    Bombardier lays off 1,700 workers in Canada, U.S. Bombardier is slashing six per cent of its workforce in the Aerospace division. The Montreal-based company told employees on Tuesday that cuts are required due to delays in the launch of new planes and tough market conditions. Out of the...
  3. iPhone, iPad, iPod & iOS
    FOUND - iPad 16GB (first generation) Found a 16GB WiFi. Hello I am looking for a pre-loved first generation 16GB WiFi iPad, Will also consider a WiFi + 3G or a larger capacity WiFi model, if the price is within reason. Looking to spend less than what Apple sells their refurbished first...
  4. Mac Desktops
    Hi, I'm looking for a 20" iMac (intel) or mac mini in good shape, preferably below 1 000 $ (for the iMac, of course). In Montreal area. Thank you !
  5. Anything Mac
    hi there, does anyone know of a cybercafe anywhere in Montréal that has macs? my gf tried using a PC at a café with a logitech webcam thru gmail videochat to communicate with me (we're deaf) and it was the most immensely horrible quality for signing. previously, she was using a friend's imac and...
1-5 of 6 Results