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  1. Mac Portables
    SOLD. PowerBook G4, 1.67GHz, FW800, 15" high res matte screen Selling my gently used (it rarely left my desk), spotless PowerBook G4, 1.67GHz, FW800, calibrated 15" high resolution matte screen. Screen is perfect - no dead pixels, no scratches. Non-smoking, non-pet home/office. Slight sign of...
  2. Anything Mac
    I want to get a 15 inch MBP for work. I definitely want a matte (antiglare) screen, but I'm unsure about the new models offering matte only in a hi-res (high resolution, 1680x1050) option. I'm concerned that it might make a lot of things (menu bar, icons, finder text, etc) so small as to be a...
  3. Anything Mac
    Hey Guys. Just wanted to get your feedback regarding what type of screen finish you like most. I have always had a "matte" on iMac and MBP. Now that I am planning to buy a new MBP today, I was wondering what is the most favorable screen; matte or glossy? Im leaning towards the "glossy". Vote...
1-4 of 4 Results