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  1. Mac Portables
    I'm selling my 15-inch MacBook Pro. As the title mostly says, it has a 2.66 GHz core2Duo, 8GB of RAM and a new 500 GB SSD. coconutBattery says 38 load cycles and 90% capacity for the battery. It's in great shape except for one slightly rounded corner, visible as you look at the display, top...
  2. Mac Portables
    I have a 2012 15" Retina Macbook Pro with the 256GB SSD Option. 8GB Ram 2.3Ghz Quad CPU Nvidia GeForce GT 650M GPU (1GB) The computer is in excellent shape. I'm considering trading it for a 27" iMac. Must be a reasonable recent model, in good shape. May consider a Mini plus cash, or a...
  3. Mac Portables
    SOLD : Apple MacBook Pro 15" Dual Core Mac laptop Sold
  4. Anything Mac
    Hello Ehmac, I am contemplating getting a new MBP 13" to replace my 15" MBP. I would like your opinion on what my machine is worth. It is currently configured with 2.4 Ghz processor, 4GB Ram, 320 GB 5400rpm HD, matte screen and Applecare until March 28th, 2011. I have checked the Mac2Sell...
  5. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    The screen on our Macbook pro went black. A computer store looked at it and said he thought the motherboard was working OK. It is a first gen with a 15 inch screen bought about 2 years ago. Please let us know a good place in Toronto to get it fixed cheap since we are on a tight budget. I also...
  6. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    My macbook pro display cracked and I need to get it repaired. I took it to an apple store and was told the warranty is voided because there was physical damage. They are quoting ~1000 to replace the display. An authorized mac repair store also gave me a similar quote. I got a quote from...
  7. Anything Mac
    A freelance designer by trade, my IMac G5 has just have the logic board go AGAIN (this would be time #3 if it were worth replacing). Seeing as it is not worth the $800/$1,000 to have it fixed, and I desperately need to upgrade anyway, I went laptop shopping today. I found two options - both for...
1-10 of 10 Results