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  1. Miscellaneous
    Have some great American DJ Lighting and other DJ equipment for sale! All in great shape! Comes with manuals. This system was barely used as fun basement project for kids to dance and play Guitar Hero etc.. Only used for a little while. American DJ Fusion FX LED Sound Activated Bar 2 - $240...
  2. Miscellaneous
    Hi Friends I am looking for a used but good condition, Lowel Pro-Light. I don't need a stand, but I'd definitely be interested in barn doors and bulb(s), if the price is reasonable. Thanks!
  3. Miscellaneous
    For Sale: Manfrotto 1004BAC Master Studio Lighting Air-cushioned Stands Manfrotto Canada - 1004BAC MASTER STAND Two (2) stands are available. Both are brand new; one hasn't been opened at all. Great as workhorses for a working studio. Extensions are air-cushioned so they drop slowly when...
  4. Anything Mac
    Hi there, I am currently researching for a reliable and future proof home automation system, hopefully to build it based on using a mac mini as the server. I have read a lot about the older X10 technology... Since it has been out for almost 10 years now... although the selection for supported...
1-4 of 4 Results