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  1. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    Iphone 4s IOS help needed Hi, my wife has an Iphone 4s which is currently running IOS 7.4 and it's absolutely slow. (yes we know we are seriously behind in updating - but there is a solid good reason). Long story short - I'm running 10.6.8 on my mac pro and 10.8.3 on my MBP. My iphone 6 is...
  2. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    It happened this morning. Totally weird. But this 4s has been spazzing out lately. very sluggish. But this contact disappearance has been puzzling. Wondering why a few were left back. Not backed this phone up in some weeks as even backups had become arduous. Never ending seemingly. Anyone...
  3. iPhone, iPad, iPod & iOS
    For sale is an iPhone 4S in great condition— very very minor wear— this iPhone was used for testing at our software company, so it's never been dropped, dented or anything like that. It probably never went outside! Great deal. Comes with box, charging cable and power plug (no earphones) SOLD!
  4. iPhone, iPad, iPod & iOS
  5. iPhone, iPad, iPod & iOS
    SOLD! iPhone 4S 64GB Factory unlocked with Applecare warranty until Oct. 2013 Oct. 4 - Phone has been sold to a fellow ehMacer! Located in Thornhill. Prefer to sell locally within the Greater Toronto Area but will consider shipping at buyer's expense. I have for sale a used Apple iPhone 4S...
  6. iPhone, iPad, iPod & iOS
    Comes with Original box, manuals, SIM removal tool, USB to Dock connector cable and AC Adaptor. Also comes with Apple Bumper. iPhone is in near mint condition. Always had protective film cover on back and in case. Has Apple warranty until October 14, 2012. I'm the original owner. Selling for...
  7. iPhone, iPad, iPod & iOS
    It's time.. Let me know by private message if you can sell me (and for how much) a locked-to-Rogers or unlocked brand new iPhone 4S 32GB or 64GB, including price and date of purchase. Still in the box, plastic on, all accessories etc. Toronto/GTA only. Thanks.
  8. All iOS - iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV &...
    Hey, I preordered my new iPhone4S through Rogers and it said I was number 3,069. From past experience, do you think that means I'll be able to get my iPhone on launch day?
  9. All iOS - iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV &...
    We've created this article / thread to take our time, wade through the clutter of info coming out about the new iPhone to create a "The Ultimate Canadian iPhone 4s list of Facts, Details, Information and FAQs." If you find any new Canadian specific information about the iPhone 4s, please reply...
1-9 of 9 Results