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  1. Mac Related Accessories
    I'm looking for a higher end graphics card for a Power Mac. It has to be AGP and have and ADC Port on it. I read the best ever made were the Radeon X800 XT and the X850 XT. Those would be nice to get... I know that there are two pins that need to be taped for a 8x AGP card to work in a 4x...
  2. Anything Mac
    NVIDIA Quadro K5000 for Mac Pro (iLounge)
  3. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    Hello all - I'm not sure if this means my graphics card is pooched or not... It happens when I'm cutting HD 422 files. I assume that's what's causing it to crash like this. I have about 5 seconds after it starts to save everything or it will just totally just freeze my system. Usually I...
1-3 of 3 Results