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  1. Anything Mac
    So I finally bit the bullet and made the quantum leap from a Quad-G5 running 10.5.8 to a Mac Mini Server running Mavericks (10.9.2). I currently have a firewire chain from the Mini to an external HD, and then from there to a DVDRW. One issue I've had is that I am unable to mount some DVDs in...
  2. Mac Related Accessories
    I have two nearly brand new condition OS X 10.5 Leopard DVD's. One comes with the box, the other comes with the booklet but no box. Local sale only in Kitchener Waterloo area, cash deal only. Asking FRIM $40 per set. These are going online for $100-$150 on ebay.
  3. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    CDs Are Not Forever: The Truth About CD/DVD Longevity, “Mold” & “Rot” (MakeUseOf)
  4. Mac Related Accessories
    For sale, a copy of the Snow Leopard Installation DVD, as pictured. Sealed. You may need this to upgrade to iCloud and/or to upgrade to Mac OSX Lion. A bargain at $25 CAD. Also useful for selling your computers that have installed systems, when you need to include a legitimate OS! Message me...
  5. Mac Desktops
    I am selling an iMac G3 DV. It is Graphite and comes with the matching original Apple keyboard and mouse as well as all original packaging and box. I have upgraded it to OS X Tiger (10.4.11) and it still runs great for email and internet surfing, etc... Specs: 400-MHz PowerPC G3 processor...
  6. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    I've been trying every key sequence that I was able to find on Google and I still can't get my Mac to boot to a DVD (Ubuntu). I even tried a USB DVD-ROM drive. Can someone help?
  7. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    Hello all My first thread! Was hoping for advice on how best to convert regular DVDs (as well as DVDs already ripped with DVDShrink on a PC) to .avi or .mp4 for compressed back up and for play through an Xbox 360 Arcade off a USB key. Is all of this possible? Thanks folks!
  8. Mac Related Accessories
    400mhz Processor Card: (820-1074-A) DVD-ROM Module (825-5293-A) Bronze Keyboard (922-4174) $40 plus shipping from Calgary,
  9. Anything Mac
    It's been a long time since I last inserted a DVD into my optical drive, but today I purchased a Snow Leopard upgrade only to find that my superdrive no longer reads DVDs. It reads CDs fine, but after inserting any DVD, it makes a few noises and spits the DVD out. Has anybody else had this...
  10. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    My desktop Intel Mac's internal DVD burner died, so I bought a $119 Lightspeed DVD-RW external drive since that was more cost effective. But whenever I go to burn something - the original internal Mat****a drive name comes up. And of course it can't burn anything. Any idea how to get the...
  11. Anything Mac
    I am having problems burning my movies to DVD discs so that I can play them in a regular DVD player. I have used Toast Titanium and Popcorn, but after trying both of these apps the discs cannot be read by the DVD players I own. I have also tried Burn, but it has sync issues where the audio and...
  12. Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting
    So, I'm trying to pull a few clips off a PAL DVD; however, in order to do that, I need to first rip the whole thing. I used the latest version of Mac the Ripper, but the video_ts file it produced was corrupt. Can anyone suggest a program that might work?
  13. Mac Desktops
    G4 Mac Mini - UNIT HAS BEEN SOLD Sold
  14. Anything Mac
    Thanks for reading this everyone, and GOD I hope this doesn't sound to bloody stupid! Im not new to the whole MAC thing, in fact i've been an addict for over 15 years! What I am new at is backing up my DVD's...I have a stupid amount of DVD movies and want to get rid of them, but in turn...
  15. Everything Else, eh!
    Anyone using either? And which one do you like more if you've tried both? From what I've read Netfllix offers a poor selection, not a lot of the new releases and has a more extensive library of the older DVD's...
1-15 of 19 Results