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  1. Anything Mac
    Anyone have any clarity on how this works?? I might go get a new MBP battery as well as a Apple charger, but wanted to know if you can apply an EDU discount to that purchase, and whether there's a min amount involved? And will it be applied on site if you have all the ID. thx.
  2. All iOS - iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV &...
    If anyone hears of any iTunes Gift Card sales going on in Canada, perhaps we can keep this topic sticky and keep a rolling log of where to find them deals? Cheers, Andrew.
  3. All iOS - iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV &...
    hey folks, My first post here at ehmac :) Looks like Best Buy is offering trade-in credit when bring back (recycle) your old iPod. On top of that you get $50 off your purchase of a new iPod Touch, or $25 off the purchase of a Nano or Classice. Details are here: iPod Trade in - Best Buy Canada
  4. Miscellaneous
    Free to a good home. 25% discount code for Zagg. Bought some stuff from them recently and they sent me a couple of coupon codes. Since I won't be making another purchase anytime soon, I thought maybe someone else could use them. iadzad4j iadzadan They expire on June 20th.
  5. Anything Mac
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has tried using their educational id (student, staff, faculty or otherwise) in an Apple Retail Store in the USA? I often go down to visit my parents in the Seattle area and need to buy some stuff for my lappy. Just wondering if anyone has been able to use their...
1-5 of 6 Results