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  1. Mac Masters
    FCP X 10.2 First Look. Worth the Wait… After the usual rabid anticipation, Apple today released FCP X 10.2 along with companion updates to Motion and Compressor. The UI has been subtly updated for Yosemite and there are some great new features; beautiful 3D text, the ability to save effects...
  2. Mac Portables
    I have a new (aug 8) Fuji x100-was built as a gift for my son but he did not want it-it has been put back in the box the same day-it has full warranty-box-receipt This is an award winning camera that is more suited for someone that know photography-had a lot of professional features and from...
  3. Anything Mac
    Hello everyone, I'm a guy that has like 15 external drives filled with client's photos, video, files, etc.. from 10 years of freelancing in media production. It's confusing and often difficult to locate a file when I need to go back to it. I notice my MBP slows down when it has more than 5...
  4. Anything Mac
    We are looking at purchasing ~sedna presenter to use in our school for our television systems. It's purpose is to be playing videos, show the date and time, as well as have scrolling text. However, we would like to expand it to create a news channel look, similar to CP24 in Toronto, with...
1-4 of 4 Results