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  1. Mac Portables
    [sold] I'm selling the 'twin' / sibling computer to one that I advertised for sale here early in 2014: It is another excellent, 2012 MacBook Pro 13" 2.5Ghz 500GB-HD but this one has 8 GB-RAM. This is a great computer with a ton of features and ports: 2 USB, FireWire 800 and Thunderbolt...
  2. Mac Desktops
    *SOLD* Powermac G5 Dual 2.5GHz *SOLD* *SOLD* Dual processor, 2GB RAM or 6GB RAM (+120$) configuration 400GB Hard drive space (ask about 2TB upgrade for a great price) DVD+CD burner Built-in Airport Extreme Built-in Bluetooth Leopard OS X, Office 2008 Original Apple packaging for safe transport...
1-2 of 2 Results