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Conversation Between gordguide and PurpleConeFlower
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  1. gordguide
    I'm not a big fan of B&O amplifier-wise ... (I was a B&O dealer, amongst others, in another life). They are headroom and power limited and are difficult to repair; a lot of used B&O needs some.

    I don't know where you live, but Garage Sales often have older audio for next to nothing; big gear is out of fashion. That means an opportunity for people who don't mind the older gear.
    Stay away from anything made during the 80's; good stuff began coming out again during the mid-90's.
    I personally use vacuum tube amplification now, and I'm sure you would like it's approach to sound; however the entry point is around $600~1000. The new Chinese made stuff is outstanding value, however and beats much US/Canada/Europe/UK gear from even a few years ago.
    If you have a particular make and model you're considering, give me the model # and I'll try to check it out. If you have a specific budget, let me know what that is & I can recommend some things to look at.
  2. PurpleConeFlower
    Thanks for that, I'll be upgrading my stereo speakersand probably also changing rom my JVC amplifier to a second hand tuner and want to find something used and inexpensive of course that sounds like Bang & Olufsen (yes I know I'm a dreamer) or you may have a better suggestion. gordguide - in the meantime I wish you a great Christmas and New Year.
  3. gordguide
    I appreciate the kind words. If you have any issues with audio in particular, feel free to call on me.
  4. PurpleConeFlower
    Hi gordguide! FYI JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE MY FINAL POST, here's a copy: To everyone who provided advice and information and who might still be interested in the outcome... as advised I purchased a good quality 35 mm cable and connected my macmini directly to my stereo system amplifier. Even though the speakers on my stereo need to be upgraded to provide the level of sound I'm looking for, this one step has permitted me to return the Bose Computer speakers to Costco and is providing higher quality sound than I was getting using the Bose speakers attached to my computer. This has proven to be the best and most economical solution. Thanks for all the help!!
  5. gordguide
    Sorry, PCF, haven't been a daily ehMac reader this week. As for privacy, your guess is as good as mine. I've never actually had anything to do with this particular messaging system. Normally if you want a private message, you use the IM (instant messaging) link. I accept IMs from all registered ehMac users, but I don't allow anyone to eMail me except ehMac staff.
  6. PurpleConeFlower
    Also I'm not sure how private any of these communications actually are. So instead I'll email what I have to say. Of course email isn't really that private either. But I guess it will be sufficient for what I have to say to you.
  7. PurpleConeFlower
    So, I've returned to the suggestions of a few (especially you and digiddog & now Vexel is of the same opinion too) to focus on building up my sound system for music. This has been quite an education and even if I just take back the BOSE speakers and run all sound through my sound system - (meaning I won't actually improve the sound actually coming through the Mac at all) I have a much better idea about sound systems for both PCs and Stereo systems than I've never had before.

    Anyway, you can't imagine how much I appreciate that you have taken so much time and shown so much patience (along with a few others) to help me understand how to improve my system.

    I sent some info to Vexel that I received regarding surviving H1N1 and I hope it struck a chord with him enough to help him stay healthy throughout this battle we're being pulled into. I'd like to send it to you also and it is too long so I'll email it to you instead.
  8. PurpleConeFlower
    I sent you a message yesterday. Did you get it? It seemed that several posts I made weren't registered. And I wish I knew why it shows me as using Yahoo Instant Messaging which I don't use. I want to have it removed because if someone were to try to IM me they might thing I was not interested in speaking with them but it's just that I just don't have time to get into that. I burnt out on that stuff a long time ago. Same with FaceBook. I guess I should tell it to EhMax?

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