CCC 3.4.3 full clone sloooow with PPC G4 10.5.8 clone to newer G5 iMac -
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CCC 3.4.3 full clone sloooow with PPC G4 10.5.8 clone to newer G5 iMac

As per subject:
CCC 3.4.3 full clone sloooow with PPC G4 10.5.8 clone to newer G5 iMac

Thanks to eldest son, my wife ended up with a hand-me-down of the last iMac G5/2.1 20-Inch (iSight) for her own use.

A basic 10.5.8 OS and some of her data and her basic software setup and working but not all on the G5, so I thought I'd use a CCC clone to a new partition to have ALL stuff readily available.

So I started to use her G4 CCC 3.3.x?? beta version to do a full clone of the 118 GB of data which had been used before to a FW 400 backup external that took maybe a bit over an hour at at most to complete and test that the clone was bootable and working.

CCC said there was a newer 3.4.3 version available, so I downloaded it, installed and updated and used it on the G4 to do a clone to a partition on the G5 via FW 400 booted into Target Disk Mode.

I seemed to be running slower than usual for a full backup clone so I just let it run and carry on.

Well, after leaving it running, having supper etc., when I now check, some six + hours later, the CCC 3.4.3 is now just over 50% of it's clone.

Has anyone experienced such a similar slow clone and any suggestions as to what I may have messed up.

I just used the newer CCC to clone from source to destination asI have always done, and such a clone may have taken maybe just over an hour to do.

Thanks for any comments or recommendations that I could use.

Edit: And just a PS to mention that I did a goolgle search for any similar users problem as well as Bombich's CCC's support site, but nothing that I could find.

And the clone now after about 6+ hours seems to indicate at least another 2 or more hours remaining!! Weird!!!

Definitely not like any CCC clone experience I have ever encountered after using it for MANY years now and in fully paid mode for 4X over suggested donation as that what I felt it to be worth!!

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I have been using the same version of CCC since September of last year without issue. MBP 2.66 Ghz 500 GB 7200 RPM HD. First clone took about 1.75 hours to clone 370 GB. Updates daily (non archived) take about 18 minutes to stay current.
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Thanks SINC, and that's close to my own previous experience with CCC and my other Macs, but I guess I got something goofed up with the latest CCC update install.

And thinking back, I broke my own install software rules when updating any such critical application that I didn't even bother to at least restart if not shut down and boot up after any such app update install before running it.

I guess I'll just let it finish and hope the clone actually works when it's finally done that now looks like maybe one more hour max before completion.

Gheese, that's going to end up being a 10 hour + CCC clone backup which is NOT my normal experience with CCC.

The clone blue barber pole is just showing a small tiny remaining gap now, so if and when it's finished but doesn't work, poke your head out the window and you'll possibly hear my screams of frustration even in Alberta.
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Normally speaking we never had a problem cloning a newer PPC to an older one. I very vaguely recall some issues trying to go from G4s to G5s, or even from an older PowerBook to the 1.67 GHz PowerBooks. I wonder if that is where the problem lies?
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