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Old Dec 27th, 2002, 03:08 AM   #1
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Here's the situation. I recently sold my G3 PowerBook. When I sold it, everything worked perfectly. The computer had been the most reliable machine I've ever used and was in pristine condition. The battery worked for a good 2.5 hours.

Days after selling it, the new owner contacted me and said the battery wouldn't take a charge; it was dead. I thought this was extremely odd since I ran it off the battery the night before turning it over, charged it, and showed the buyer how the computer worked all off the battery without any problems, but I figured it could happen, so I replaced the battery with another Apple battery (used, but in excellent working condition from an Apple Authorized Reseller), tested it out in the computer, re-charged it, and it was fine, about a 2.5 hour run time again. Great!

I gave the computer back Dec. 24. The buyer has now contacted me again and says this battery doesn't work either. It won't show the charging symbol (in the upper right corner of the screen when plugged in) and only the last LED on the battery gage lights when pushing the test button. She assures me that she hasn't exposed the computer to any temperature changes (I thought maybe it was left in a car and froze) and that she hasn't done anything to the computer.

Has anyone experienced or heard of anything like this before? Any advice or known remedies? Short of re-installing the OS and getting an Apple tech to tear down the computer and test it all out, I really don't know what else to do. I've zapped the PRAM, ran Battery Reset, reset the PMU, rebuilt the desktop, ran Norton Utilities and TechTools Pro, used a different power supply and tried the battery in both bays last time with no success in restoring it to working order.

I'm just about ready to take the computer back and tell her to keep her money. As I said, when I had the computer, I had absolutely no problems with the computer or battery. If anyone knows of a solution, or has any advice, please let me know.
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If two batteries are not recharging when plugged in, I highly doubt it's the batteries fault. Sounds to me like a logic board error. When the battery is shoved into the Powerbook, it attachs itself to a part of the logic board to recharge from. If this part of the board is damaged, then the battery isn't going to charge. I would definantly take it to a Authorized Apple Tech place to have it checked out. The PRAM battery I doubt has anything to do with it. Also, test the batteris in a different Powerbook. If they charge in there, but not your Powerbook, it's a logic board damaged-part.
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Old Dec 27th, 2002, 10:47 AM   #3
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Lars, thanks for the advice. The one thing that keeps bothering me, the new battery charged fine when I had the computer back. In any case, it sounds like it's time for an Apple Tech to check it out.
G3 Desktop / PowerBook G3<BR>G4 Dual 500 / PowerBook G4 867
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