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feedback when volume is pressed


(a) Under System Preferences-->Sound, consider UNchecking "Play feedback when volume is pressed". This drives me totally batty.

i am blissfully happy to discover this. has been making me crazy too. for years. had no idea it was so simple to remove. sigh.
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Thanks all and sundry for the comments!

tilt: Right - like FireFox and Thunderbird, others... usually they have a visual instruction and an alias of the Applications folder. I'm trying to decide whether to make this longer, or just take that as a "given". Hmmm.

mkolesa: I'm probably more of a typical laptop user than desktop user, with limited screen real estate informing my choices. Having the dock at the bottom uses up (even with hiding) more space than I like... but I may modify that section to remove my own recommendations, just let people know they can put it wherever they like, and leave it at that. AND - yes, a much better idea to launch it, right-click, and choose "Keep in Dock". Many people still have trouble with dragging items to the dock, so I'll make that modification. Good tip!

Ottawaman: It's all open source, man. Use it as you like, wherever it's useful. No credit necessary - this is a group effort

HowEver: Yes... it's true. Fortunately, this is a civil ceremony, so only 1/5 of the pomp and ceremony But, man, Catholics! Ritual and Rosaries. Wait until the church wedding later this year...

And.. thanks for the sticky. I'm hoping this proves useful to new switchers... one never knows, since speaking from experience sometimes only makes sense to the experienced. Hopefully some switchers will chime in here with what works / doesn't for them on this list, and we can adjust accordingly.

chewy: Ah-hah... yeah, that might be overkill for newbie switchers! Let's leave that for the "advanced tips" version

All that said - I'm offline for the weekend as of Saturday morning... I'll do updates to this through Friday and then it's going to sit for a day or two...

Thanks all! Keep it up!
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Originally Posted by mkolesa View Post
i do agree about the HD though (sorry chas!).
No worries. I'm not living on Mount Olympus (at least not in the summer).

I'll have to give that some thought -- you guys may have a point.

4g. rather than dragging apps in and out of the dock which always seems risky to me (what if it's dropped someplace accidentally?), i always recommend launching an app then right clicking it in the dock if you want to keep it there permanently, or right clicking one you want to get rid of...
Good point!

Two other issues I tackle early on with new users:

1. Don't keep stuff on the desktop (except very temporarily). I show them how much easier it is to, for example put the (user's) Documents folder in the Dock, which gives them one-click, sortable access to everything in there. It stops people from putting 70 million icons all over the place or crowding the Dock until it's a teeny-tiny speck.

2. The whole "close apps" vs. "quit apps" thing. Windows users in particular are prone to just click the "red button" and think they're done, but of course in most cases (it's not consistent) that doesn't quit the app, and I get a call a few days later saying "my machine has gotten slow!"
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