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chili Apr 7th, 2009 11:50 PM

apple mail won't get mail
At the beginning of the day I thought that i would want gmail imap. Took me hours to get that together. Then i realised that i would prefer to leave it the way it has always been. So that i could always go to gmail and see my entire mail history even if i deleted off my client.

Forgive me if this is not clearly written, I am so frustrated.

I have been using Entourage for years. When I first checked out apple mail it seemed like it didn't have as many features, so i stayed with Entourage.

Now i have bought an iphone, which i haven't hardly touched. I have not set up any accounts on the iphone at all.

I decided now is the time to switch to using mac mail. (I also probably want to use mobile me.) But first i just wanted to start using mac mail.

After configuring to imap at the gmail end and at the Mail end, i realised I didn't actually want it. So i deleted the account at Mail. And went back to the gmail settings forwarding pop/imap tab-- disabled imap, saved changes. And enabled pop again for mail that arrives from now on (Because i don't want all 5000 emails I have a gmail)

I've sent myself test emails from a complete different server, they show up at gmail headquarters, but do not come through to the apple Mail.

I've tried a multitude of things....
1-signed out of mail, force quit mail
2-signed out of gmail, signed back in
3-I've checked in the library to see if i have any othe mail folders
4-I've deleted and added the account.
5- I have chosen Mail as default client.

I've seen a variety of things today including activity telling me that
(Gmail) Synchronizing with file system
Gathering children from disc for local accounts

And such.

How an i going to get the iphone coordinated with my computer and the server if i can't even move myself into Mail!!!!!!!

I do not want to permanently delete my gmail account at entourage until i know i can get my mail elsewhere. Apple mail is selected as default.
I'm not exactly sure what would happen if i did that.(permanently delete gmail account at entourage).....would it delete all the messages i have in entourage, and my folders?????Or just stop receiving from gmail.

Please help me....I have poured over hundreds of forums and googled until i can do it anymore.

chili Apr 8th, 2009 02:46 AM

going through hell configuring apple Mail
I wrote a long piece earlier today about my problems getting apple mail to get mail from gmail server. I thought i posted it here. Apparently it did not post.

Connection doctor says Connection and login to server succeeded.
And it says Connection to server succeeded, no login required.

I've been at this all day. i previously used entourage, but since i got an iphone i decided to finally switch to Apple Mail.

Mail 3.5 is set as default

Everything at gmail is set up the way it is supposed to be. I've sent test emails.

Maybe gmail still wants to send to entourage. Now i have completely deleted my gmail on entourage account, still Mail won't receive anything. Shows no sign that it is connecting to gmail.

please help, I have been searching and reading forums all day.

Chealion Apr 8th, 2009 02:58 AM


On an aside, it is possible to configure the Gmail account on your phone for use on your iPhone and continue to use Entourage to access Gmail on your local computer.

Just to make sure I'm on the right track, have you tried the following instructions:
Apple Mail 3.0 (Leopard) - Gmail Help

To go with my aside, will give you the instructions on how to set up your GMail account (using IMAP by default) on your iPhone and not use


All that said, approximately how many messages do you have on your GMail account? will have to download all those messages before it starts working correctly and that can take a little while depending on the volume and connection speed.

chili Apr 8th, 2009 03:17 AM

Yes, I followed gmail help instructions.

Basically what I would like is to first set up the apple mail so that I can get comfortable with it.

I do not want to delete or erase anything off of my gmail server, I like having it there, in case I find I have deleted something on my computer email client, and I want to get it back.

That is why I decided against using imap at gmail.

I thought I could get Mail up and operating and then in a couple days set up mobile me. Then my computer and the iphone could stay in sync.

AS far as Archiving and deleting on iPhones (
I definitely do not want option number 2.

chili Apr 8th, 2009 03:28 AM

apple mail won't get mail
i chose the option to only get mail from now on in Gmail settings

1. Status: POP is enabled for all mail that has arrived since 6:44 pm

and i have sent test emails since then, so apple Mail should be getting them. I have it set to get mail every minute.

chili Apr 8th, 2009 04:10 AM

solution to apple mail problem
Found the solution at this link:

Mac Mail "inbox" doesn't match gMail "inbox" (IMAP) - Google Apps Help

Below is the jist of it. Thanks everyone, I hope somebody else will also be saved from the hell i experienced. :clap:

Found the fix for this issue - close, go to ~/Library/Preferences and move the file to the desktop, re-open and re-enter your accounts. Fix worked for me.

Basically it's just setting back to new. Apparently something gets corrupted in the plist file that can't be fixed simply by removing and re-adding accounts. Instead the whole plist needs to be rebuilt from scratch, which does when it's re-opened. Make sure to check that you haven't lost anything before deleting the old plist file (on your desktop). If everything looks ok, then go ahead and delete the old file.

Fix was found here: Reinstalling Apple's Mail Program - Mac Support when I was looking at how to reinstall :)

This was much easier :P

chas_m Apr 8th, 2009 07:14 AM

Sincerely, you deserve a hearty BRAVO for working through what must have been a MADDENINGLY frustrating experience and finding the answer. Well done!

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