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Help/Advice: MacBook broken - iSight? Logic Board?


Okay here goes... So I have a 2.16 MB that has served me well since the year-and-a-half I first bought him, well that is until recently. After installing the 10.5.6 update things got messed up. Shortly after the 10.5.6 update I went to use photobooth only to discover that the iSight wasn't working... No problem, I'll just restart I thought. So I do and presto the iSight is back! Hey, now the bluetooth icon is missing from the menu bar... No problem, i'll just restart again... Now no bluetooth and no iSight.

So given the sudden messed-up-ness, along with changes to afp in 10.5.6 (I use and external harddrive connected to an Airport Extreme for a lot of stuff) I decide to erase and re-install. It'll be good to start fresh anyway I reason.

Re-installed and re-updated: bluetooth is back, but iSight is gone. It won't work, nor does it appear in the system profile. I do some searching around and try all of the following without success: verify disk, repair permissions, reset PRAM, reset SMC. Nothing works.

So I take it to the Apple Store. "Genius" girl says no problem we'll replace the iSight for $250... While at the Apple Store guess what: the iSight reappears in the system profile, but the bluetooth disappears again (from both the menu bar and from the system profile.) I ask the "genius" about this, but she says let's replace the camera and see what happens... if it's not that then maybe it's the logic board.

I need a computer and all of this frustration and running around isn't helping - so I buy a new one while continuing to try and sort this mess out. I take the computer back from Apple - I don't really want to spend $250 on a system that seems to be "going south."

I reinstall the original Tiger that came with the computer - bluetooth is back again, and while iSight seems to show up in system profile sometimes, it no longer works.

So not happy about only getting a-year-and-a-half use out of this bad boy, but I do have a new computer and would like to either figure out what's wrong with this one without spending much or any $$$ on it, or sell it off to someone who can fix it or use it for parts.

Any ideas/advice would be appreciated. I don't think it's just the camera, but could it be the logic board? I pretty much have always associated a logic b problem with complete failure which isn't the case here: just the iSight and sometimes bluetooth.

Thanks for reading this and offering suggestions,

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the computer works right ?

why not just use it as is for a few weeks and let the problem manifest itself. it sounds like it could be start of hardware failure.. maybe just the isight , if more strange things happen during this time it probably is the logic board

logic board is not always complete failure , there could be several dead things on a board like sound and ram slots and pc slots and the laptop will still work
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