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G3 iMac cpu swap to B&W G3 Powermac

I'mtrying to figure out what type of cpu the iMac has since The Power Mac is needed for more demanding tasks, just seeing if I can swap the cpus, it would help, and since the Imac isn't here for me to open at the moment I can't fiddle with it myself.
Wikipedia was useless as well, also other apple enthusiast sites.

All the mac info available is below:

Power Mac is a Blue and White G3 350Mhz with available room for a v-card upgrade later.

iMac is a first gen slot load 500Mhz with an 8MB(as opposed to the newer 16) rage 128 so I'm sure it's not the latest G3 imac...

Any help is good help, thanks.
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If I remember things correctly, the G3 iMacs all have their CPUs soldered to the logic board. Maybe with the exception of the tray loading iMacs, but I don't think you can just pull the iMac CPU and put it in the B&W. You would probably be able to get a CPU for the B&W for a *very* reasonable price on eBay or your local Mac store since the G3s are rather long in the tooth.

Check <a href="http://www.lowendmac.com">LowEndMac.com</a>.

<a href="http://lowendmac.com/imacs/index.shtml">iMacs</a> (scroll down for the G3s).
<a href="http://lowendmac.com/ppc/g3c.shtml">B&W G3 tower</a>.
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iMac CPUs are permently attached to the motheboard - no swapping there. But instead of getting a G3 ZIF CPU for the Blue/White, find yourself a G4. Much better and faster than the G3 and a quick look on eBay found a couple starting at $70US for a G4/450.

Or even better sell the iMac 500 (still a useful machine) for $200-300 and use that money for get a G4/500 or better ZIF from Sonnet.
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We've got lots of G4 Zifs around but it depends on the motherboard of the B&W if it's practical.
You'd be better to trade the iMac for a G4 tower and leave the B&W alone.

In Australia and the web site is out of date.
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OWC (OtherWorld Computing) has accelerated CPUs for your B&W, up to 1.1Ghz for a G3. I have been running mine with a 900Mhz upgrade for about 3 years.

You can get G4 upgrade CPUs (must be a special type, not just any old G4) - but sadly, the B&W towers cannot handle a G4 faster than 600Mhz unless they slow down the system bus from 100Mhz to 66Mhz, which cancels the advantage.
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Old Aug 10th, 2006, 04:13 AM   #6
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I'm just planning on running this G3 temporarily for basic internet uses and whatnot, but it may be used for a good year by my mom afterwards before I turn it into a case project(simple ATX conversion) But until I get it into my possesion(sitting at my dad's place) I can't tell you which G3 it is, but I do know to get OSX running even alright, I need a cpu, ram, and a possible video card, but I've heard some trouble with the HD so I might wanna look into throwing an Ultra ATA card from work in there, any suggestions welcome, browsing those links as soon as I finish typing(meanwhile hoping I see two drives bays with two compartsments in each as opposed to the dreaded one with three, a distinct difference between the good and bad, or rev 1 and 2, B&W according to wiki).
Thanks for the help.
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