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nxnw Jun 21st, 2005 11:23 AM

Now Up to Date and Tiger
I understand that Now Up To Date 4.x crashes under Tiger, when it is connected to a public event server. Does 4.x still crash under Tiger, if it is connected to a v.5 public event server? Poweron is not helpful about answering this question. They just say, "Version 4 is not certified for Tiger".

mguertin Jun 21st, 2005 04:45 PM

Yes it does.

NUTD is nightmarishly horrid stuff. Have had massive problems with it and their tech support was less than excellent shall we say.

The 4.x public event server has massive memory leaks if you serve the html on demand on both OS9 and OSX. On OS9 when it runs out of memory it just stops and you have to force quit and start again, if you're lucky and the machine doesn't lock up on force quit and you can relaunch without a full reboot. On OSX it will literally run until you run out of hard drive for swap/VM. It railed up over 80 GIGS of swap space on my server before things ground to a halt (the whole server that is, took the sucker right down).

The support people told me this was a "known issue" and instructed me to have it generate static HTML at various intervals, problem is that it would take up to 2 hours to generate the html for a setup with 5 basic calendars. They also said this was a known issue, the options they gave me were: a) generate calendars once a day and no more (not exactly great for calendars that get updated all day long every day that people rely on), or b) and I quote "Buy a windows machine and a copy of NUTD for windows to server with".

They never did fix those issues in the 1.5 years of updates they put out, and in the interim they took their trouble ticket system offline (there were hundreds and hundreds of open issues, many of which never even got a response from their tech support).

We tested the 5.x versions and had other (but just as staggering) issues I won't get into and we got our $$ back. My Tiger machine can't connect at all to the 4.x or 5.x event server (which I'm trying desperately to phase out but some of my users are strongly attached to it). It's running on OS9 and some days I have to reboot it 2-3 times a day to keep it running. Also due to all the force quitting required I have to re-image the machine from a backed up drive image and recopy the data to it about once a month.

Oakbridge Jun 21st, 2005 05:46 PM

I realize that this doesn't answer your specific question, however I thought that I'd make you aware of an alternative to NUD.

DayLite from Marketcircle was certified for Tiger on the day that Tiger was released. I'd be happy to provide more information if you're interested.

Hope this helps,

mguertin Jun 22nd, 2005 10:48 AM

Just to add to this rant I posted about the 'quality' of the Now software folks .. from this morning's macintouch :

Now Software accidentally sent out customer email addresses to other customers yesterday but is changing procedures to avoid making the same error in the future:

[MacInTouch Reader] Not sure if you guys got this but I'm on the Now Software mailing list. They sent out an email notifying us of the release of v5 today and guess what they sent as an attachment? Over 12,800 email addresses as a CSV file, all in their mailing list.

[Randy Murray, Now Software] Yes, we did, in error, send out a small portion of our email database as an attachment to a customer notification yesterday. This message was only sent to customers.
This attachment contained email addresses, but no other information or identifying data. I apologize for this clear lapse - it was purely accidental and unintentional. We have put in place new checks to make sure this does not happen again.

nxnw Jun 22nd, 2005 12:35 PM

I am also very unhappy with Now Software, but I feel that I am stuck with it, as I do not see an alternative product wuth the same group synchronization features. I would gladly switch.

We have never run the web server, but I was hugely aggrieved when our Public Event Server database became corrupted (apparently due to a known bug in 4.5.1 (.2?) that was subsequently (they say) corrected. Of course, t does not look like they went to the trouble of warning registered users to upgrade. restroring the database from users calendars was a very cumbersome and time consuming task.

Now they want us to pay $50 per machine for an upgrade that (contrary to their claims) primarily makes it (allegedly) tiger compatible. They say that there will be free upgrades when they introduce features. I have never seen a company with the balls to do this. Pay us now and someday there will be real features in this upgrade that you won't have to pay for. My ass.

I invite any users to write to [email protected] and suggest that they ship this upgrade for free and charge when they deliver the features.

mguertin Jun 22nd, 2005 12:41 PM

There are other alternatives that work MUCH better on mac, but sadly they are nowhere near the same price range, I evaluated (and decided we couldn't spend the $$ on it) and loved Meeting Maker. It's SOOO much better, but at the same time much more expensive. :(

I've had no love loss for these guys for years.

Word of advice for any other NUTD users out there, don't let your public event server database get too big. Their tech support told me that 3 megs (yes three megs) is too big and you risk un-repairable damage if it crashes. This software is very long in the tooth.. I wish someone would step up (like Apple!!!) and provide a proper solution for us all.

nxnw Jul 28th, 2005 05:15 PM

Kerio Mail Server 6.1 has these new features (in addition to being a mail server). I wonder how well they work?
- contact synchronization with Apple Address Book
- support for Apple iCal (and other iCal products)

If they were OK, I could kill 3 birds with one stone.

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