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Thanks for all the comments guys. If you have something you want to liquidate please PM me the details and hopefully its inexpensive. Im not looking at an investment at this point, just fun factor.

Found one of the places my stuff could have gone to and going to visit tomorrow. 'He' says he only has random video cards left and such. He says he threw most of it into the trash a few years ago.

Remembering more lost stuff. 12"(2) 15"(lots) 17"(4) and 20"(2) Apple monitors, Style writers(2), Color style writer (4)Laserwriter (1 or 2??), Agfa scanner, scsi external drives.
Power computer Power Center Pro 210... Was stored in original box.
9600 had original box 8500 or 8600 had original box.

Ok I'm done listing my losses... time to find a few treasures.

Never had a Cube yet but looking forward to owning one.

PS. Never never never store your stuff in a remote location/ x wives house, friends house. Rent a storage unit HORD your treasures!!!
South Porcupine, ON... you just cant make something like that up.
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Originally Posted by FeXL View Post
Apple IIe. Wow. First computer I ever learned to program on, in Apple BASIC. Two words I'll never forget: "Syntax error".

'Course, it was a step up on the first computer & program I ever used, an Apple II+ running VisiCalc spreadsheet software. Took a night course at the local college. Remarkable for it's time.
I hear you, i learnt programming in elementary school on apple ii-e's.. we had a turtle that was programmed in basic to remove around the room.. 1st home pc was a Commodore C64, and then PC's since.. until i met my wife 10 years ago and i've converted to Mac since then! i'll never go back ! =)
MacPro 4,1 2009 6 core 3.46 w/BenQ 32" 4K BL3201PH / 980 Gtx TI Amp Extreme
Mac Mini 2006 (kids)
Synology DS1010+ w/ 15TB Raid 5
2x Apple TV 1 160GB w/ crystal HD decoder
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Originally Posted by Zipper View Post
Word of wise, never trust a friend who says they will store your equipment indefinitely for you. After the smoke clears and when you arrive 4 years later to look at your stash of prestine Macintosh Vintage equipment only to find an empty basement and a smirk comment that it was taking up too much space. A call would have been nice before you gave it all away or trashed it...

Sorry for the added rant..
Lesson (or word to the wise) is never store (arguably 'abandon') something you value in a space you do not control!!!.

Caveat emptor, dude.......

However, if you had dumped that much crap in my basement, my significant other would rent a skip, hire manpower to carry it out and send you the bill..... 'nuff said.
"not all those who wander are lost….." j.r.r. tolkien
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Old Sep 24th, 2014, 06:15 PM   #14
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Ok a visit to where my stuff was given to today.
Unfortunately I am home and all I have is (my) original box of odds and ends, video cards, scsi termination blocks, ethernet cards, PDS slot stuff, Nubus cards and random RAM.
Salvaged one SCSI cd rom and a not working G3 beige tower. He says he has more stuff somewhere and he will look for it. HE claims no more Apple computers though, but possibly ram and some other goodies.
He has my Quadra 950 but I looks like he grew attached to it even had one of the chassis keys on his keychain so I never said a thing and let it go. Its being loved and used so its ok.
Still not sure where the rest of my stuff went so back to visit my primary location tomorrow and some follow up questions.

Thanks everyone.

My initial friend who said he would keep them stored is a keen Mac guy and had loads!!! of space and lives with his mother and he is in his 50's. The idea that they would ever be move/trashed was never a concern in the world to me. He still has a few iMac(crt) units but anything Beige left. Working on how I will express my extreme disproval even though he is being very cooperative.
Possibly early Alzheimers....
South Porcupine, ON... you just cant make something like that up.
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