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Old May 16th, 2005, 01:47 PM   #1
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Mod Log

<h2>Mod Log moved to Chealion's Journal</h2>

In the interest of keeping people up to date as to what moderating is happening, we've opened this thread here to keep tabs on what moderating is being done. So feel free to post feedback on it, but when something happens we'll throw it into a little log here with reasoning why if it warrants it. (Examples of those that don't: Double/Duplicate posts as the reason for deletion is rather simple, a post was posted twice instead of the intended once).

Due to a request, any moderation I do for sure will be placed in here regardless of whether I left a note or posted in the thread about it.

7/26/05 - Deleted personal attack from

7/24/05 - Merged Bluetooth Mighty Mouse threads

7/14/06 - Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting
Deleted a thread about converting videos to iPod for spam content. It was a direct copy of a website to do with Windows applications.

6/20/06 - Merged two iPhoto update announcement threads

6/16/06 - Merged 4 threads into about the iPod/Education Deal.

6/6/6 - Deleted some posts about distributing the private beta of Flip4Mac.
Merged U2 iPod threads
Merged plastic covering vent of Macbook threads

5/21/06 - Moved to Everything Else.
Deleted several posts from Let's leave the personal attacks out.

5/15/06 - Closed - not going anywhere.
Closed - Turning into a flamebath.

5/7/06 - Deleted a couple of posts from Personal Attacks aren't kosher. Apologies to Amazingly Amazing that I'm not on ehMac 24/7.
Deleted posts from along with editing one. If you want a flame war, please do it elsewhere - maturity goes a long way in making life easier to handle for everyone.

5/3/06 - Merged census threads into
Deleted duplicate thread about Mighty Mouse in Montreal

5/2/06 - Removed bait from

5/1/06 - Removed 9 posts from for sniping at each other.
Merged Eaton Store opening threads
Removed duplicate thread by CubaMark per request.

4/27/06 - Closed - for the same reason I closed the Primerica thread.
Deleted per user request (dead thread).

4/24/06 - Deleted duplicate thread about 17" MBP

4/18/06 - Deleted a duplicate thread by jessin9
Deleted a duplicate thread by Phoboga

4/17/06 - Merged Phil_MTL's thread into to keep news on why ehMac went into a suspension mode for an hour or so together.

4/16/06 - Moved posts to to seperate the between user disagreements from the discussion over Apple's reaction to a 9 year old's letter. Sorry this wasn't put up sooner.
* Removed some extraneous posts from this thread that weren't supposed to be here. They were posted back in December.
* Closed and edited We've gone down this path and pochien got banned for starters. Verbally abusing other members? Not kosher.
* Deleted 20 odd spam threads. Thanks Swissboy.
* Closed and renamed title of
* Closed
* Deleted - Attacks against members? Flaming? Bickering? Baseless Legal Threats? Do I need more reasons? I still think I'm being nice by just deleting this. For the legal threats read the Terms of Use.

4/9/06 - Deleted a post from that was promoting piracy. Everyone loves free stuff don't they? Idiots.
Deleted a duplicate thread about wondering where people were getting their downloaded music
Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting

4/8/06 - Closed - Ads go in the Classifieds. Not Mac Help & Troubleshooting.
Merged MBP Alarm threads into

4/7/06 - Merged threads about games and Boot Camp together into

4/5/06 - Merged Virtualization threads into
Deleted a duplicate thread on Boot Camp
Deleted a thread about Excel numbers requested by original poster (there were no replies)
Merged some BootCamp threads together.
I still remember Macnutt.

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Old Oct 3rd, 2005, 01:17 PM   #2
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(Figure I should continue with this mod log)

04/09/2006 - Warning given to ArtistSeries and Macoholic to stop with flame war / name calling.

10/03/2005 - 1 Week ban for ice_hackey for provoking arguments
- Ban from ehMac for mrcircle for PMing the following threatening comments:
You would be too afraid that i would smash you in head, and then use your face to wipe my a** has a zero tolerance for threatening / violent statements.
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Old Oct 4th, 2005, 01:17 AM   #3
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Interesting and insightful way to aid our understanding of how the board really works. Thanks for being so open.
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Old Nov 11th, 2005, 06:20 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by ehMax has a zero tolerance for threatening / violent statements.
Another one of the reasons I love ehMac.
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Computer: iMac with Intel Chip

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Old Dec 17th, 2005, 04:44 AM   #5
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Archive for older edits:

3/30/06 - Deleted a post from for promoting piracy.

3/25/06 - Moved to Anything Mac & iPod

3/22/06 - Deleted a duplicate post, merged new iPod ad news into

3/17/06 - Deleted an accidental thread posted in feedback by trump.

3/16/06 - Merged XP on Intel Macs threads. (Pre instruction)

3/11/06 - Created to clean up

2/28/06 - Merged another Microsoft iPod thread into Whatever happened to the search feature?

2/27/06 - Moved to Anything Mac and iPod

2/22/06 - Deleted a duplicate thread (log analysis), deleted a sale item, merged two duplicate threads.

2/21/06 - Deleted a post from . Hint: Piracy? Not on ehMac.

2/20/06 - Deleted three ads in the Classifieds. Argentina is not in the United States. The Philipines is not in Nova Scotia.
Deleted a duplicate thread.
And deleted another possible scam again.

2/19/06 - Server ate my edit to here. I deleted a duplicate thread and merged two threads.

2/17/06 - Deleted two threads about the Leap.A virus.
Edited's original post. Excerpts only please.

2/16/06 - Merged threads into

2/15/06 - Edited title to correct spelling per request.

2/13/06 - Removed a duplicate post in
Deleted a post from where someone registered just to post a flame/flamebait post to an old thread.

2/12/06 - Merged Buzz Hargrove threads
Edited for title clarity
Edited for clarity (fixed QUOTE tags).

2/9/06 - Edited a post in to include story's source.

2/7/06 - Merged 1GB iPod nano news threads into
Deleted ad in Classifieds attempting to sell cellphones. The Classifieds are not for commercial interests.

2/6/06 - Deleted a duplicate ad and a duplicate thread.

2/1/06 - Edited and merged Excerpts are not 90% of an article.
Edited Again, 90% of an article is not an excerpt.

1/27/06 - Edited a post in mentioning possible illegal content.
Deleted a duplicate thread as request by original thread owner (jdurston)

1/24/06 - Deleted two ads containing pirated material. One ad pending reply.

1/22/06 - Removed an address from a thread. It's best to forward the info via PM or use the Police.

Deleted 3 posts from Don't pirate software.

Edited to correct title.

Edited for article copyright.
Moved to Anything Mac & iPod
Deleted two ads containing "free softwares". It's illegal, don't do it.

Deleted 3 ads that contained suspected pirated material. If I'm not sure if it is or not, I'll ask and give 24 hours. After that I just delete it.

Deleted a couple of posts that broke the copyright policy in terms of articles.
As of today, will be deleting any classifieds that contain pirate material instead of editing.

Edited a post in for article length.

Deleted an ad posted in the forum as per request (meant to post in the classifieds)

Edited 's title for spelling.
Deleted two spam threads created by the spamming loser famousjames.
I still remember Macnutt.

Last edited by Chealion; May 1st, 2006 at 04:39 PM.
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Old May 1st, 2006, 04:40 PM   #6
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15000 characters already?

Edited title for clarity.

Edited fixing formatting.
Edited truncating a full article down to the relevant paragraph.

12/21/05 says I edited the original post, I ended up not editing the post as I can't remove the Google juice without causing problems. So the edit was reverted.
Removed a duplicate thread by MacDoc as per request.
Edited 's original post citing source for article along with not quoting the entire article.

Removed post from Let's not post tracker links we aren't here to help with piracy.

Renamed and for clarity.

Deleted a post from promoting piracy.
Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting.

Edited removing a full article that was not attributed.
Merged King Kong threads into

Edited one and deleted one post in to do with article attribution. Please attribute your articles.

Edited for having posted a full article.

Renamed to fix spelling.
Merged Creative rip off threads into

Removed duplicate post and unattributed article in
Removed duplicate thread about Instiki.
Merged 3 threads about iTunes and the new TV shows into

Moved to Everything Else, eh?!
Moved to Everything Else, eh?!
Edited original post in due to posting a full article without attribution.

Closed Attacks on other members (even if they are family), and general puerility aren't my favourite threads to read.
Edited removing an attack against another member.
Changed title of for clarity and moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting.
Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting
Deleted a thread asking for invites to a BitTorrent site.
For future reference:  &amp;#63743 and ⌘ &amp;#8984 along with ⌥ &amp;#8997

Deleted duplicate thread about Jobs keynoting MacWorld.
Fixed thread title in

Fixed a link in
Deleted two posts from Piracy is not allowed.

Deleted two duplicate threads in Anything Mac & iPod about ShapeShifter and shareware applications.
Merged two threads about today's security update into
Merged two threads about Apple's Broadband Tuner into

Deleted two posts from Personal attacks aren't cool.

Merged two threads into about funky Christmas lighting.

Deleted 3 ads in the Classifieds each selling a 14" iBook with Tiger and bluetooth. All 3 confirmed to originate from the same IP based in New Jersey, and all 3 shared the same serial number. Ads were deleted and names based onto ehMax for summary judgement.
Merged and cleaned up two threads about George Best (

Edited title for clarity.
Deleted a thread asking to borrow someone's Tiger CDs to upgrade. Hint: Piracy is illegal and carries a penalty.
Moved to Anything Mac & iPod
Deleted a post from Hint: Piracy is illegal, don't post links.

Deleted a duplicate thread in Mac Help & Troubleshooting started by DBerG about changing icons.

Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting
Deleted a duplicate thread about Video problems. Appropriate thread was in the Mac Help & Troubleshooting Area.

Deleted a post by audiodan in Please don't ask for software.
Removed 3 posts from various threads by philips, who is attempting to scam people by offering to buy products people are talking about.
Removed a thread which was an add on to shoe looking for help with his relationship. I found it derogatory and if it were to be made, should only be made with shoe's consent.

Merged two threads about the Canadian Apple Store offering refurb'd units

Deleted a spam thread by sammy1
Merged two XBox 360 threads.
Deleted a spam thread (duplicate from sammy1's?) by phonedealer

Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting
Merged iPetie's thread into with a new title.

Removed 2 price policing comments and edited 1 ad promising to preload Tiger without providing discs in the Classifieds.
Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting

Deleted a post from - No article attribution.
Closed and pruned 3 posts from Piracy is theft. Theft is illegal.
Deleted duplicate post from

Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting
Fixed title of A lot is two words, and a pet peeve.
Split another thread ( from

Removed a comment asking for programs to be left installed on a computer in the Classifieds.
Removed a comment that was "price police".
Culled 5 price policing comments off of the classifieds. Repeat offenders will be PM'd with a warning to clarify the rule.
Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting
Split into it's own thread as it was tagged onto a completely unrelated thread.
Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting
Deleted another 2 comments of price policing and sent reminders to the members.
Deleted an ad containing illegal software. Please remember to only list software that will include the original discs with the computer. No discs, don't list. It's illegal.
Fixed guytoronto's post on

Deleted a thread called "A good search site" as the purpose was to find torrent sites that had Mac content.

Removed two moderate price policing comments from the classifieds.
I've found a way to keep an eye on the comments on classifieds so that we can try and enforce the rules on the Classifieds section again. (eg. no price policing, no thread crapping within reason, no piracy, etc.)

Edited title of to clarify.
Deleted another post from to do with a serial number.
Deleted 5 posts from Do not ask or offer illegal software.

Merged two threads about Sony's DRM rootkit in Anything Mac & iPod.
Going through classifieds deleting ads that have software without discs. Also a couple of scam ads have been posted.
Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting

Edited and deleted several posts in due to not providing a source for an article, or posting an entire article rather then an excerpt.
Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting.
I'm going to abbreviate the Forum sections from now on.

Moved to Everything Else, eh?!

Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting

Deleted a post where the quote wasn't attributed.

Moved to Anything Mac & iPod

Moved to Mac Help & Troubleshooting
Merged two threads to do with Googling failure.
Edited 's title for clarity
Edited 's title for clarity.

Moved ( to Mac Help & Troubleshooting.
After editing several ads containing illegal software I will be deleting rather then editing from now on.
Merged the two PSP threads.
Deleted some more posts of people asking to be sent Front Row. It's not legal to have, and ehMac is not a warez board. Rules are rules.
Deleted a couple of posts in ( I don't want anyone getting into trouble, as of the current situation it's fine to discuss but let's not have ehMac being a mirror for the instructions or FAQ. Rules are rules.
Deleted a thread devoted to using Front Row on other Macs. It contained not only a link to software (which can't be legally owned unless you have an iMac) but was also a staight copy and paste of another article. Hence immeadiate deletion.

Deleted a thread that was started with a copy and pasted article in it's entirety.

Deleted a thread that was borderline spam.

Edited SoyMac's post containing a full article. (
Deleted duplicate thread in Anything Mac & iPod. Requested by thread starter.
Edited Brainstrained's post containing a full Slate article (

From now on when moving threads, I'll leave a redirect to help stop confusion over the movement (seeming disappearance of the thread) in the different listings. The links however stay the same.

Closed thread in (bids and andrewenterprise).
Consolidating several thread concerning Office 12 in Anything Mac.

Deleted 4 spam ads on Classifieds by user "mcquib123".

Edited "abuse of power" comment from RtC's post. Inside Joke on the iChat Channel.

Merged the two Apple/Intel rumour threads.
Edited Dr.G's Bush Dynasty thread so Dynasty was spelled correctly.
I still remember Macnutt.
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So what's the deal with the **** you post-fest that was removed? Did somebody need a nap? LOL
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Old May 25th, 2006, 02:18 PM   #8
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Does this mean you can't even yell at someone through PMs?
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