ehMac past and present and future. Please read -
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Talking ehMac past and present and future. Please read

After a successful launch of the new ehMac there are bound to be some teething problems and some people are just not going to get used to change.

ehMax and I wanted to assure all of you that we are working around the clock to address concerns and fix any problems that arise. Please remember that a change to a new dedicated server that is in our control (not the ISP) and a completely new bulletin board program are not always as smooth as we always wish it to be.

The new system was running extremely well for us up until 10:30 last night when it went down. After looking into the logs we know what the problem is and are taking measures to fix it. Hardware can give you trouble at times... we've all been there.

As for the new software, ehMax decided to move to vbulletin for a few reasons:

1. It is database driven. The older UBB system was flat files, Not very efficient. Searches took along time and ate server space.
2. More feature for those who wish to take advantage of them
3. Integration with other programs. Witness the new classifieds and gallery. These programs give us new and better abilities yet share the same user system so you don't have to get a new login and password.

Change is never easy. We are creatures of habit. However I would like to remind some of you that we look at the new ehMac sorta like the switch to Mac OS X: At first its really weird and confusing but after the initial shock you discover new things and learn to appreciate its advantages. Many years ago I remember a saying I heard: "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten".

Oh and about the look and feel: Our main concern with the new board by launch day was to get the old user database, post, threads and the new classifieds and gallery up and running ASAP. The last thing we did was the look and feel. This will change over time. We're sorry that some see it as brash with all the red. We will try and tone it down but that will take some time. This new system has so many features that tweaking it is time consuming. The old UBB software was minimalist to say the least and getting this system toned down is a goal.
Please bear with us during this change. And as always, please provide us feedback in the feedback forum!


ehMax and MacGenius

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good job, guys. we appreciate all your hard work.
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Thumbs up Good work, fellers!

Thanks for doing the work and attempting to upgrade things. I think that most who are responding negatively are simply reacting to the fact that there is new stuff to get used to. People just hate getting used to new stuff. Once they train themselves how to use the new features they will probably wonder how they ever got along without them. Give it some time folks.

I too would like some interface changes, I hope to a more OSX looking theme, but I can wait. My time on the board now is absorbed in trying to figure out where all the new features are and how to use them.

One question I have is, isn't the reply box supposed to be WYSIWYG? I have that selected in my profile. It seems to work like the old interface as far as I can tell. Are there some instructions for how to use the Reply to Topic page?
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Nice job!
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Thumbs up

Very nice. Thanks for all your hard work.
“Unless we change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.”
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Wow, why is my avatar so big? On the old system you could hardly see what it was. I like it.
“Unless we change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.”
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Excellent work guys. There are always complainers (hell just look at!!) out there but change is good. Cheers!
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Thumbs up Great Job !!

Hey - I LIKE the new format - you folks have done a wonderful job. We will all get used to it in time, and won't even remember the "bad old days" before this very wonderful facelift.
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I may not be that knowledgeable about Macs, or post that often, but I do want to let you both know that I love this new site.

It is a lot faster for me, I love the bigger avatars, and the site is more pleasing to my eye then before. I'm sort of used to this speed and style in some way from other boards I belong to, so the change is a welcome one at ehMac

I also think by adding pictures to the Classifieds area will make the buying a little more personal. Sort of reminds me of eBay in a small way, where you get to see what is up for sale.

Keep up the good work and hopefully not too much will change in the way of functions or speed when you're busy fixing or ironing out the bugs?
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Old Jan 12th, 2005, 01:05 AM   #10
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Talking Kudos Amigos!

I'm happy. A little lost, but I'll manage. Looking forward to exploring the new system and finding the fun features. Is there a "tips" thread in here for the new ehMac?

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