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Originally Posted by pm-r View Post
Can you get the text to wrap completely when you make the window narrower, or does it just wrap a little bit If it wraps at all????

As I have said, Text wraps as I expected it to when the window is made narrower at this vBulletin listserv site:

So why the difference????

And it's the same with all my browsers.

It's almost as if I get sent an incorrect stylesheet for the browser to work with. At least I think that's how things work.
- Patrick
You can see the difference here.
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I have that problem whenever CM posts an oversized pic. Once or twice I've just posted several dot posts to push it to the next page.
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I have that problem whenever CM posts an oversized pic.

I get the same similar behaviour from some other posters as well, but usually only on this listserve.
The vBulletin listserv at usually works well.

JFYI, In your last post as I see it, your top first line (133 characters) will not wrap if I narrow my browser window.

The net line down in your signature (153 characters), will wrap ut only as far as ending with "...which may be linked to my posts. " (a total of 123 characters).

Anyway, The posted text on this list-serve does not wrap as it should do In any modern browser If and when the window is made narrow. The wrapping should occur right down to about 73 characters line length In the narrowest window if and when the page is working properly.

- Patrick

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