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Old Oct 4th, 2010, 03:43 AM   #1
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Lotsa head scratching....

Nope, I ain't got head lice.

What I do have is one heckuva headache resulting from unsuccessfully attempting to suspend a homemade ambient air filtering device from a wall in my garage. This device was built using a used furnace motor and blower and dust filters designed to capture fine airborne dust particles created by woodworking machinery. It's one heavy mutha. Originally it was perched on 2 heavy duty metal brackets attached to a wall in my basement workshop. I cannot use the brackets in the garage because a window is below the location where I would like to suspend the dust collector. So I built a metal frame that is attached to the wall and ceiling above the filtering device. I used angle iron (that has the predrilled holes), bolts, lag screws, pulleys, steel cable and all the other necessary hardware to hopefully hoist this monster into the air. It's not happening. Too heavy to pull up by hand. I need to be able to raise or lower this device safely by myself incase I need to service the unit and nobody is available to help.

Already have a good dollar invested in hardware but now I'm looking at purchasing this worm gear winch from Princess Auto:

2,000 lb worm gear auto brake hand winch | Manual Winches | Truck Accessories | Truck | Princess Auto

The thought is to bolt the winch to the wall and crank the unit up (or down). The reason I'm looking at this style of winch is due to the position of the handle - it won't hit the wall as I turn it unlike the more traditional style winches. Thoughts???

BTW, I was kinda hard on myself today because my initial design didn't have the mustard to get the job done. Then I remembered that there's a newer multi-million dollar hospital in the city that needs major reconstructive surgery right now because of serious structural problems due to design flaws and poor workmanship. I feel better now.
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Why not go all out and just get a battery operated winch? This one would work fine.. all you would need is a small car battery to power it. It would also easily bolt to the wall because they're meant to be mounted to winch plates anyway. How heavy is the unit.. any idea? General rule of thumb for winches is 2.5 times the weight you have to winch.

Superwinch 2000lb Winch | Canadian Tire
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Old Oct 4th, 2010, 06:42 AM   #3
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Of course you could make life easier on your self, by using a block and tackle. Like this one Amazon.com: Super-Handy Heavy-Duty 4,000 LB Capacity Rope Hoist: Home Improvement. From what I understand, you can get them at Home Depot. The unit I have here would cut the weight down to just over 333 lb. On thing to not you will need 6x the line or cable. but it would make it alot easier with a winch and safer!
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Thanks for the suggestions.

Ended up getting a 1/4 ton hoist/puller. After some adjustments to the pulleys etc I tried it out and it lifted the device without a problem. I went this route since it's designed for this type of job. Plus it won't slip back which is a great safety feature. The winch isn't meant for lifting (stated right on the winch itself). Winches are meant to pull dead weight and nothing more so I decided against attempting to use such a device.

Next problem - have to find a way to get it HIGHER. The set-up doesn't allow the device to get close enough to the ceiling. Once again I have an idea. Maybe some pics will be forth coming once I work out the bugs.
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