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Originally Posted by Macfury View Post
The dentist today told me that I would just have to endure the extreme pain until they removed the nerve--then it wouldn't hurt any more.
Your dentist doesn't look like this guy does he?

If so, you should RUUUUUUUUUN!!!

... damn Nazi dentists ...
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MacDoc: I didn't realize Sensydyne could render teeth less susceptible to pain from dental procedures. I will try that. I think I'm going to go your route and just take some sort of knock out pill--more expensive but worth it I think.
I have heard of people waking up during anaesthetic--were you in pain or just aware of what was happening?
Sensydyne the baking soda version really tastes good too. After the massive assault on my mouth in a short time lukewarm was the order of the day for a while.
The toothpaste somehow desensitizes the nerves - be it ice cream or a dentist drill - same nerves. It does take time tho. Does hot and cold bother you as well.?

No pain on the wakeup episode - apparently it's pretty common to wake- they don't want you far under...I suspect what ever they were doing was complicated and I just surfaced.
I think what was uncommon was recalling it so vividly.

It was $14k well spent tho - for the first time in my life I had solid reliable teeth - otherwise it was going to be a mouth full of artificials.

Gas is the norm I believe. I think knock out is far less stressful.

Bad enough it hurts afterward and with gas you don't have to deal with fat nose numb lips syndrome.

In Australia and the web site is out of date.
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You and I MUST have had the same dentist, in our youth! My childhood dentist was later discovered to have treated most of his young patients in cruel and sadistic ways, so it wasn't my imagination. I now live with a very severe phobia of dental services and haven't been for a visit in over 25 years. I truly believe I would require general anaesthetic to remain in that chair. Speaking of the subject brings chills to my spine.
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Good post to read as I make my way to the dentist today at 11 am lol. Good thing it is only to check how the teeth whitener's are working. I will be getting a crown and three veneers in a few weeks though
That would be a tough job, but I am sure they don't complain when they get there paycheck.
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Old Nov 19th, 2008, 09:22 AM   #16
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My wife also had a dentist who slapped the faces of the kids who squealed. He later appeared in the newspaper, murdered in a drug deal gone bad.
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Be A Dentist!!
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Old Nov 19th, 2008, 09:50 AM   #18
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Some Dentists are crazy. I had an abscessed tooth that needed a root canal and they couldn't freeze it apparently because it was swollen. I was a young child and my front teeth got smashed with a baseball bat and a few years latter it went abscessed.

The Dentist was drilling a hole in my tooth to put in a metal post later and I was screaming because it was the worst pain I can recall in my life. He started calling me a little ****, and told me to shut up or he would stop. The guy was totally abusive to me and just so happened to be in Mississauga (wonder if it is the same guy you are talking about Mississauga but I have no idea what his name was).

Be a dentist.. haha I posted it just after you but edited it out. Hilarious
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Or, from the masochistic patient side, Jack Nicholson.
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I had a dentist who used to say "Stop screaming! This isn't supposed to hurt!"

Kept my away from dentists for 10-15 years. Only went back when I had a wisdom tooth break and then the nerve got infected or something.... pain radiated up through my temples, constant throbbing, couldn't sleep. Even then, it took 3 days of pain before a called a new dentist.

What's strange is that my parents, my brother and one of my male cousins all had the same sadist. My mother and I hate him and have since gone elsewhere. (Same guy misdiagnosed my mom--she ended up in the hospital for 3 days with a severely infected tooth abscess.) The men seem fine with him. Go figure.

I like my new dentist, though. She doesn't knock me out, but she keeps letting me know what's happening, why she's doing it, if it will hurt, and if I need to stop for any reason she stops.
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