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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
All I'm going to say about this is that if you're drunk passed out with your a$$ in the air and some girl's number written on your backside in lipstick, nobody's going to bother with the cell phone camera. They are going to get out the high-res HDTV video and YouTube your a$$. I speak from ... er ... experience.

Most people I know hardly ever use their cell phone cameras, and when they do it's usually quite justified. I was awfully glad I had my iPhone handy when a car crashed into the bus I was travelling in, and the fact that the world knows Michael Richards is a creepy racist or that John McSame wants to "bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb-Iran" is thanks to cell phone camera-toting people who knew a story when they saw it happening in front of them.

I shudder to think how much worse the police would be if they didn't know that every time they taser someone in public, it's going to be all over the intertubes.

In a world where nobody believes anyone unless there's video (and sometimes even THAT doesn't stop em), cell cams are a must. I'm surprised there isn't a big brother cam on every street corner, like London has.
For every good use of a cellphone cam there are just as many unscrupulous uses.
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There's this thing called "reasonable expectation of privacy" that's supposed to be used to protect that masses from the rest of the masses. That I should be able to go outside and not have my picture taken while a stratch my butt or shop for mature products. And it's not just cell phones, it's EVERYTHING, you're face is recorded a mind blowing number of times on any given day. There are cameras EVERYWHERE!. Man it pisses me off. Why should I have to move out into the country and pay for everything with cash to get a little privacy. Big brother is on its way/is here because you try to talk about this to anyone and they shrug and say, I don't care if someone is recording my phone calls, or take my picture or know where I shop; I've got nothing to hide. ARG!

Ah I get off topic too easy, but this really strikes a nerve. I shouldn't have to be doing something illigal to have something to hide.
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