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UPS destroys shipment - now what?

I bought a used game system in the US just before Christmas.

Paid via Paypal. Corresponded with the seller re shipment to Canada - no problem.

USPS to Canada often takes five to six weeks, so I wasn't worried about the whereabouts of this package untilmid-February,
Emailed the seller - no reply.

Two weeks ago an invoice from UPS shows up at my door, sent via Canada Post. GST, PST and brokerage fee but no indication what it's for. The address had the wrong town on it, actually a town in the US, but it did have the right Canadian postal code and the right name.

I call up UPS to find out what it was and sure enough, it's the game system I bought - seller had shipped it UPS instead of USPS.
So I'm trying to decide what to do - accept the shipment and pay the fees or reject it and have it resent USPS.
While I'm mulling that over, the UPS lady comes back - after checking somewhere else on her computer with: "You don't have to worry about the invoice - it was cancelled" Well that was good news - so where is my parcel and when can I expect it.
Well, the parcel was destroyed - she didn't quite use that word, something that didn't sound quite as harsh, but the bottom line was the same.

From what I could gather, the UPS invoice was supposedly sent back in December according to UPS, hard to confirm because the envelope has a bunch of date stamps on top of each other - the last one I can decipher was about a week before I received. I was just absolutely floored that UPS would just destroy the item and not contact or return it to the sender.
The UPS lady claims that what was written on the bill of lading if it was not deliverable but when I asked her for a copy she didn't have a bill of lading scanned into her computer - next step she suggested was to phone UPS in the US to see if they had a copy. Didn't get to that point yet.
assuming the package is really destroyed, any comments who is responsible for the loss? Right now I'm out the money - I can put a claim in to paypal even though it was really UPSs doing and they of course will claim that the address wasn't correct and they could therefore not deliver it.
BTW - if you type my name into google 62 hits come up, some with the city I live in and if you type my name into Canada411 and search all provinces, only one entry comes up since my name is somewhat unique - the entry has name address postal code and phone number. I just tried it - took all of 30 seconds, but I guess UPS couldn't spend the 30 seconds to do that.
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If UPS destroyed the package, UPS owes you money. File a claim immediately. You'll probably need to call UPS in the US to get the real story of what happened -- seems odd to me that they didn't just return the package to the shipper.

I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience with UPS. I find it a little odd that the shipper, having agreed with you to ship USPS, instead went UPS. Hopefully they'll learn something in the process as well.

On another note, "somewhat unique" is a term people use all the time, but it's incorrect. "Unique" means "unlike any other." If something is unique, it's unique -- no modifier possible. The correct term would be "somewhat unusual" or more simply "rare."

Don't mind me, I write about these little anomalies of speech all the time -- I sent Rex Murphy a note when he used the phrase "completely destroyed" recently -- again "destroyed" is a superlative, "completely" is redundant. Everybody's anal-retentive about something, I suppose ...
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It really all depends how much the shipper insured the package for.
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Contact Paypal and get the charges reversed ASAP if you still can. At that point it'll be the seller's responsibility to deal with UPS. The seller contracted UPS as the carrier, let him/her deal with collecting the claim. You were not the owner of the goods until you signed for the goods, since you did not sign and UPS didn't research the correct address or return the package to the sender they should be on the hook for it.

I know FedEx will research incorrect delivery information and surcharge the shipment something like $10.00. They will also surcharge if either the shipper's and consignee's phone number is omitted from the waybill. They will not destroy any shipment unless authorized by the shipper. Some shippers will have the goods destroyed rather than pay return delivery charges if the shipment is deemed "undeliverable". I can't see UPS not having a similar policy, something is fishy here.
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