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Did I give good advice?

Hey folks,

Due to my overwhelming enthusiam for apple products, My Uncle is now interested in buying a Mac. He's a professor at an Ontario College. He's not as savy on computer lingo (yet) as some of the people on this site. Today he sent me this e-mail...

Hi Dude,
What are your thoughts on a demo which is
MAC OS X, 10.4 meg
for $1,299.
This is the advice I gave him:
Well, the phrase "MAC OS X, 10.4" tells me absolutely nothing about the computer itself. MAC OS X, 10.4 is the operating system, just like Windows is an operating system for PCs. If someone is trying to charge you $1200 for "Mac OS X Tiger" (Tiger is the layman's name for the OS) then you're really getting reamed.

What kind of Mac is it? Is it an iBook? Power Book? MacBook? MacBook Pro? iMac?
Once we know what kind of mac it is, we then have to ask how old it is, as well as what upgrades have been added.

The attachments I've sent to you show the educational prices I would pay for Apple Laptops and the very popular Apple Desktop called the "iMac". (The other Apple Desktop is called the "Power Mac" and is very expensive, used by musicians and graphics artists)

[Attacments included screenshots of the Canadian Student prices for MacBooks and iMacs]

Though the educational prices I've shown you are for a student, (from their website, I can't prove I'm faculty), I imagine the prices would be very similar.

Check out www.apple.cafor lots of info on Macs as well as how easy it is to bring all the info from your old computer, (yes, even a PC) to a Mac once you buy it.

Now, all of that being said, Apple is going to introduce it's new operating system early next year, (January, February at the latest) to combat Windows Vista. Uncle ****, you can view demonstrations on the web site of what this operating system can do, and I'd HIGHLY recommend waiting for the new operating system to come out before you buy a MAC. The operating system comes free with any Mac purchased, and I tell you, it's going to be worth it.

Now, THAT being said, Apple's Current OS, (Tiger) retails right now for $149.00, so I expect the new OS, (it'll be called Leopard) will retail for the same when it comes out, and if you do purchase a Mac now, it will easily upgrade to Leopard. Without knowing anything about the computer you've e-mailed me about, I can't say if it will run Leopard when it comes out or not.

Good Lilnks to Browse:

Apple's Current OS explained:

Apple's Next OS, (Available in Jan/Feb):

Description of How Easy it is to Switch from PC to Mac:

Apple iBooks (Laptops)
(Don't forget the prices you see are higher than you will pay as a faculty member of a College)

Apple iMacs (Desktop)
(Don't forget the prices you see are higher than you will pay as a faculty member of a College)

And, don't forget the little guy, this is the Mac Mini, It would be a very cost effective solution for you it you decided that your current monitor/keyboard/mouse are good enough for you. It's not as powerful as the iMacs, but for going on the web, and word processing, it will function Just Fine.

Log In site to see your Educational Prices:

I hope I've answered some of your questions Uncle ****. I can't recommend Apple enough now, and when I can afford it, I'm looking forward to replacing my PC Desktop machine with an iMac.


P.S. -

I bought my laptop a year ago, and when I did, I upgraded the Hard Drive form a 40 gig drive to an 80 gig drive, (glad I did, I've got over 4,000 songs on it). After I had it in my hands, I upgraded the RAM to 1 Gig. (Buy Ram from Apple is too expensive)

So, I have a late 2005, 12 inch (display size), 80 Gig HardDrive, 1 Gig of RAM, iBook.
If I wanted to sell it, (no way in hell!) the fair price I would ask for it would be about $920.

$920 for a recent, upgraded iBook.

I'm not sure whether the computer you are talking about is used or not, but if it's used, probably not worth that much money, Unless it's a used and upgraded Power Book or Mac Book Pro. Then it may be worth it.

I'd have to know more about the computer.

To give you an idea about the value of used mac products, check out this site,

www.ehmac.ca is a website for Canadian Apple fans.
I have learned all I know about Macs there, and I now know almost as much about Macs as I do about PCs. The website forums are full of knowledgable, friendly peeps.

Thoughts? Anything else a PC user thinking of purchasing a MAC should know?

iPhone 5s 32GB
iPad 3 64GB
iMac (Late 2012) 27" / 2.8 Ghz / 32GB RAM / 3TB Fusion / 10.9.2
Macbook Air (Mid 2013) 13" / 1.3Ghz / 4GB RAM / 256GB SSD / 10.9.2
MacMini (Late 2009) 2.2Ghz / 2GB RAM / 160 GB HDD / 10.9.2

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Did you give good advice? No. You've overwhelmed him with information. He's going to tune it all out.

When switching a person from a PC to Mac, remember:

a) If he's a power user, he wouldn't be asking for your help. He'd probably be investigating it himself. This most probably excludes the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro form the equation. It then becomes a question of iMac, MacBook, or Mac mini.

b) Does he need portability? Yes. MacBook. No. iMac or Mac Mini.

c) Does he have an existing Monitor, USB Keyboard, USB Mouse? Yes. Mac mini. No. iMac.

d) Does he want to be able to burn DVDs?

So, it's really only 3 questions you need to ask him:
1) Do you need it to be portable?
2) Do you already have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse?
3) Do you want to ability to burn DVDs?

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Old Nov 21st, 2006, 01:14 PM   #3
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Hmmm, I think you're right. That must have been overwhelming to a guy who does not know too much about computers.

Can't take that away now...

Should I bother with damage control? Maybe at Christmas, if there's a lull in the activites, I can show him my laptop, and the ins and outs of using an apple, then discuss his needs and what he wants.

Thanks Guy Toronto
iPhone 5s 32GB
iPad 3 64GB
iMac (Late 2012) 27" / 2.8 Ghz / 32GB RAM / 3TB Fusion / 10.9.2
Macbook Air (Mid 2013) 13" / 1.3Ghz / 4GB RAM / 256GB SSD / 10.9.2
MacMini (Late 2009) 2.2Ghz / 2GB RAM / 160 GB HDD / 10.9.2
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