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Originally Posted by iMatt View Post
...will definitely not be ordering DSL service from Primus: one or two tastes of the long hold times and general cluelessness were warning enough.
I'm a dumbass and a sucker. I dearly wish I'd remembered this vow.

When I moved recently I figured I might as well cut the last tie with Bell. Instead of going with Videotron (lots of good reviews), I fell for the "triple value bundle" deal from Primus and have had no end of headaches.

I'm too frustrated by the whole thing to recount the saga, but suffice to say the "support" people are as hard to reach and as unhelpful as ever. (If you don't mind timing your call for precisely 8 a.m., when they open the lines, you can usually avoid the customary 20 minutes on hold.)

When you do reach a rep, most are perfectly pleasant, perfectly powerless, and perfectly clueless. Those with a clue have no power to do anything. Those with the power to do something have no clue.


I never thought any company could make me nostalgic for Bell, but there you go. Primus really is that bad. Don't fall for the low prices.
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Old Dec 17th, 2008, 09:37 PM   #22
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Primus can't provide the servise they advertise

If you're lucky, you'll find a rep that will truthfully and knowledgably answer your questions and perhaps even solve your problem.

I get a max download speed of 1.3Mbps when paying for "up to" 7Mbps. This has been going on ever since I signed up in Sept 2008. They have admitted they have a "saturation problem" in my area, are working on it, but can't estimate when the problem will be resolved. They have also stated other people in my area have the same problem.

Since they won't release me from my contract without penalty and will not warn you of the service problems when you sign on, all I can do is try to prevent others from making the same mistake. Primus advertises "up to" 7Mbps downloads and believe there is nothing wrong with providing less than 25% of what was promised and are not interested in keeping their customers happy. I believe Primus will go out of business in the near future as current customers leave and potential customers are educated about Primus lack-of customer service.
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Primus Charges for unreturned 'lost' modem

After 5 years with Primus on my cell phone and VOIP land line telephone, I called them to cancel my service November 2010. Shaw cable is now charging similar rates for a superior service with practically 100% uptime compared to Primus' lousy phone quality and constant busy line tone (or no tone at all sometimes) Unfortunately I just found out, like many other Ex-Primus customers that in my last invoice I've been hit with "lost equipment" charges even though I returned the PrimusVOIP modem (and with a Canada Post tracking number provided by Primus). This seems to be standard practice for Primus, after you cancel your account and return their equipment - they charge you anyway pretending they never received it! Google "Primus unreturned modem" and see what I'm talking about

Just to get the facts out, I cancelled the service in November, got charged a full month and a half extra, return shipping+ $168 ('lost' modem + HST). They did not send return postage until February 2011. That's 4 months after I cancelled, after which I immediately shipped the modem back with all their cables and in the original box. I placed the box inside a waterproof padded plastic shipping bag to ensure nothing got damaged along the way.

I have opened a complaint with the better business bureau and will post the story on as many websites as I can. If they do not reverse charges on my invoice, I will have to pursue legal action not just for the money, but because this will create a negative impact on my credit score. I think some media coverage might be in order, CTV, CBC that sort of thing.

It seems like Primus is losing the VOIP wars (the shaw modem not only sounds better but has so far 100% uptime) and as a result, their corporate policy dictates they make their money by ripping off their customers. I should note I had been using their VOIP service for almost 5 years= before cancelling.

Thinking about using Primus for your VOIP phone ? DON'T DO IT !
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Old Sep 23rd, 2011, 02:45 PM   #24
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Primus is awful

Primus customer service is terrible. I have been with them for a few years. I put up with their 400 dollar billing error. "but that's ok sir, we applied it as a credit to your account and then deducted from that amount every month". Yeah they did, but they first stole 400 bucks, then didnt provide me with a single bill as to what they were deducting.

Now they want to charge me with a cancellation fee because I cancelled without giving them 30 days notice. I asked to speak to a manager, "Sure sir, please wait a moment" .... click ... Dialtone ..

They have the WORST customer service I have EVER dealt with.
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