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Lightbulb The Aviation buff thread

Ok, this thread is for aviation lovers!!

Share your thoughts, picture, links and experiences here.
Some of you you've seen my picture gallery ( have figured out that I'm a plane nut (no pun intended). I'm currently finishing the build of my second aircraft. She's due to fly in the spring. It's been a true labour of love to get to this point but here's something even bigger...

I saw a news story that the new Airbus A380 is being rolled out today in France. It is due to go into service in 2006. First flight is expected in March of this year.
Here's a picture gallery I've been watching and you can see just how BIG this plane is. It is the replacement for the aging Boeing 747 which is 35 years old now.

I know most people are fascinated by planes but some more than others so let's hear from you!

Also, I invite anyone in the Kitchener/Cambridge or surrounding area to regular Saturday-morning breakfasts at the Lubitz Farm/airstrip just outside of Platsville. We're all flyers who like to get together and share in our love of flying. They have a 2000' runway that is beautiful and well-maintained. Anyone interested should PM me and I'll give you the directions and GPS coordinates. In the summer we have a HUGE convention at this airstrip with over 300 people attending and over 70 aircraft!

MacGenius (aviation nut)
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Although I am not into aviation, I thought I would give a plug to my buddy's site for the Aviation enthusiasts here. Check it out!

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just what the mac-doc-tor ordered!

i am a HUGE aviation nut. my degree is a bachelor of aviation (airline management, but i switched out of the pilot major after getting my ppl), and i have been obsessed my whole life with planes.

at university we studied this airbus when it was still untitled (A3. Just the time to load and unload the passengers from the double decker is major. DVT becomes a factor, especially when you're looking at this plane as doing extreme long-haul flights (really the only way it might be profitable). the gross weight becomes a factor: can runways support take offs and landings? the size: thay have to assemble the wings in stages and transport them by boat. can modern airports and their gates support their size? will we have to see new airports and runways built to support these monstrosities?

and more importantly, can any airline afford them, or even fill them?

when we discussed the factors involved in making this plane a success back in 1999, my class and i were of the opinion that boeing's response would be smarter: smaller and faster is the way to go. don't know if this is what they are still planning (haven't kept on top of this for a long time)...

however, what an amazing sight it would be to see this taking off. i know people that are of the opinion: "if we were meant to fly God would have given us wings!" but i just marvel at the science that has allowed us to fly for over a hundred years now. imagine what can be accomplished in the future.
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My husband was on track to become a pilot. The plan was that we would leave Seattle so I could come back to architecture school, and he would start flight training. We talked about him doing one of the intensive programs in Oklahoma to get it done and out of the way, but we decided it would be best for him to move up to Vancouver for a bit with me to get settled first. A week later September 11th happened, and that was the end of that career. What a bitch. He almost finished his private pilots license but he decided to stop pouring money down the drain. The amount of hours needed to get a decent job skyrocketed and the charm of the dream died.

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Originally Posted by Pamela
The amount of hours needed to get a decent job skyrocketed and the charm of the dream died.
TELL me about it. september 11 killed it for most, although i had transferred to the management major long before then.

the stress killed it for me. along with the long hours, flights being dictated by weather, safety concerns (i had the radio fail on a solo cross country flight once ), the money you have to invest, and the years before you get anywhere. plus, i want to have kids one day. is bring away from home so much a smart move? i know it's possible, but do i want to attempt it? suddenly the 9-5 job became more attractive.

and still, how many years before you're senior enough to get to pick your hours? holidays don't matter to airlines; people are always going somewhere. working christmas, thanksgiving, new year's year after year would really get to me. the money's not worth it to me in the end, and it takes awhile to even get to where the money's good.

plus, the stress of airlines. i can't even get an office job at an airline currently. the market is pretty bad. name me a western country with a private airline that's not in some kind of financial trouble. could i deal with working for a company that could take my job or benefits away any day? too much stress.

that said, i do dearly love aviation and i hope the airlines can become profitable again. but fuel costs alone are killing the industry, let alone weather and "acts of God" that can ruin a good run in one fell swoop.
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I've always quite fancied getting a private pilots license. Although the cost has been quite prohibitive for me. I did an introductory lesson that my brother got me as a gift back in the UK and well......absolutely loved it!
I have made a few enquiries in and around Toronto since I've been here but really can't (just yet) justify the cost of it all. What a dream to go to Toronto City Airport, rent a plane and fly off up north for the day, one day!
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Sailplanes are the best way to itch that flying scratch. Low cost compared to power. Training part of the club joining.
A it's "real flying"....not just hanging off a motor. ;-)
Average yearly cost for 40-50 hours in Ontario in the $1500 range.

Great fun, extremely safe and it's very easy to step to power from there and get power hours at the club towing. Many have.
Getting your pilot's licence is a real treat - a life goal - there are lower cost ways and sailplane clubs are one enormously satisfying method.

Take two weeks off this summer and you'll be a solo pilot by the end of them.

$5-600 club membership. $7-800 for the 40 flights includes all training.

In Australia and the web site is out of date.
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this is where model airplanes is at.

i am so going for the skycutter.

i have so pics a flying fortress that was here in calgary. maybe i'll upload em for everyone to seee.
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Old Jan 17th, 2005, 08:29 PM   #9
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I started on sailplanes @ SOSA before getting into ultralights. Sailplanes are a BLAST!!
However I found it very difficult dealing with the SOSA crowd, nobody wanted to give me the time of day.

Finding people into ultralights was hard since they tend not to populate regular airports, preferring to stay low and frequent private airstrips.
In any event I liked ultralights more and got my permit back in 99. I'm now completing the build of my second plane but this one is my third. My Zodiac is also the plane of my dreams. They really are a pretty plane. Some of the new composite ultralights being imported from Europe cost upwards of $125,000!!!!
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