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The Education Thread

Originally Posted by eMacMan View Post
Sorry you can criticize for posting it in the Shang or criticize me for moving it, not both. The quotes are accurate and unedited. Presumably you stand by them. My link puts you in the starting place should anyone wish to follow in the original thread.

BTW that bolded sentence is so very close to being accurate it's uncanny. Prefix necessary with an 'un' and you have illustrated a clear understanding of the situation.

Still curious as to how having everyone talk through masks impacts effective communication. I have observed it makes it pretty much impossible at Canadian Tire, especially if one party is almost deaf.

Yes, masks suck for deaf people, but it’s all we have for now. Fortunately I have no deaf students this semester. As a teacher, if I can maintain a six feet distance between me and the nearest student, I can remove my mask as per school policy. I put it on again if I have to move through the classroom handing out peppers or what not. Masks are not the be-all and the end-all but they do help to reduce transmission of the virus via aerosols. Clear enough now? You can focus exclusively on deaf students if you want, and perhaps clear masks are a solution, but right now cotton or polyester non-medical masks are the standard solution. My students could hear me through a mask well enough as long as they were quiet themselves.
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Originally Posted by Freddie_Biff View Post
Masks are not the be-all and the end-all...
Just a meat eating, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, Harley riding deplorable troglodyte peoplekind, back from a better place...

“Have no respect whatsoever for authority; forget who said it and instead look what he starts with, where he ends up, and ask yourself, is it reasonable?” —Richard Feynman

“Charm and nothing but charm at last grows a little tiresome...It's a relief then to deal with a man who isn't quite so delightful but a little more sincere.” — W. Somerset Maugham
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So Teachers are not wearing masks except when violating the 3', 5', 6', 1M, 1.5M or 2M rule depending on which country. Canada being 2M. The lack of consistency or scientific research on that is of course appalling.

Kids are masked?

Just an FYI. in Canada there have been a total of 1 Covid related deaths of those under 19. There have been a total of 150 hospitalizations of that age group and 29 admissions to ICU. Our 7-day average daily death toll is now down to 4 and there are just over 50 hospitalizations.

Again the entire masking thing seems like extreme overkill, unless the purpose is dehumanizing the kids.
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Social Distancing is an Oxymoron. The correct term is Social Demonization or Social Repression. Bandits, thieves and politically correct thugs hide behind masks.

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