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This sums up my thinking

Corporate behaviour should be more strictly limited, and the consequences for infraction more severe.
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Originally Posted by bryanc View Post
CEO's who do something like take a $1/year salary and get paid through stock, are harder to criticize,....
Speaking of Steve Jobs, I recently learned that the only reason he took that much salary was to qualify for the company medical plan....
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Originally Posted by bryanc View Post
This is an absolutely valid point. Like the rock-star or astronomically paid professional athlete, CEO's are getting paid what the market will bear, and we shouldn't complain that we've chosen careers that the market says are less valuable... well... unless we think maybe the market is being gamed and isn't really a fair representation of what society values, eh?
What "society" (a fabrication) values plays itself out during elections.

What individuals value plays out in the economy... people get paid high salaries because they work at jobs in market sectors that enough individuals are willing to pay for what they have to offer that they can be paid that salary... plain and simple. It is not a reflection of society or their being duped but individual consumers spending what they want to spend their money on.

Originally Posted by bryanc View Post
Furthermore, the CEOs hire tax accountants and lawyers who collectively lobby politicians and make back-room deals
If they are backroom deals then how do you know about them? This is pure conjecture and speculation because you want to believe it.

Originally Posted by bryanc View Post
that allow them to further inflate their already ludicrously inflated compensation packages, all while sheltering their opulent lifestyles from the taxes that support the society that they're profiting from.
Tax laws apply equally to everyone in a given tax bracket and are only relative to how you made that money i.e. special allowances given to farmers and fisherman etc. and whether the monies were made as income or via capital gains.

But again this is private money not public money your argument fails to address this fundamental point.

Originally Posted by bryanc View Post
While there will always be anomalies and injustices, when people whos genuine value to society is low are consistently paid vastly better than people who's genuine value to society is high, the economic system is broken. (Compare the effects on society of an NHL player's strike to a National Transit strike... but who get's paid more, a hockey star or a bus driver?).
Who are you to be the judge as to what "society" values? What a bus driver does means nothing to someone who doesn't ride the bus and a highly paid hockey player may mean a lot to 10s or even 100s of thousands of fans of that team. There is nothing broken with the system as it is the people who decide what they value and what they are willing to pay more or less for. Their is no homogenous "society" as you seem to want to portray it. There are individual people who within smaller sub groups that value certain things more than others. Your notion of some overarching society and the values that it collectively holds is a myth, a fabrication that doesn't exist in reality but only in academic theory.

Originally Posted by bryanc View Post
Now CEO's who do something like take a $1/year salary and get paid through stock, are harder to criticize, but still, the system should be ensuring that they are paying a fair share of taxes, and that the value of their stock is not being inflated by externalizing environmental, labor or other hidden costs.
CEOs pay their fair share of taxes (at least in this country) as their taxes are indexed according to how much they earn, you simply want them to pay more than their fair share but this is a typical socialist desire/strategy to artificially manipulate the economy to pay for their bloated social programs that would otherwise not be economically feasible.
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bethune, canada, china

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