: For Sale Apple AC adapters for sale or trade

Dec 11th, 2011, 11:13 PM
I have two Apple genuine Macbook Air 45W A1244 AC adapters in mint condition that I would trade for two Macbook white 60W or 85W (Apple not chinese) AC adapters in good condition. I would also sell them for $45 each + $5 shipping. (value of $79 + tx at the Apple Store)

I also have many Apple genuine A1021 White 65W AC adapters for PowerBooks G4 or iBooks G3/G4 lines. They are all in very good condition (tips and cords are like new, no tip deformation or damaged cord). Will trade 2 of them for one Macbook white 60W or 85W AC adapter in good condition or would sell them $25 each.

Payment via Paypal or PM me for a trade.