: Album not showing in "Complete My Album"

Nov 30th, 2011, 08:18 PM
So had discovered this Surf Music collection. 170 tracks (you read that correctly) for $5.99. Had purchased 6 tracks and decided to go ahead and download the rest of the album even though I really only wanted about 20 more of the tracks. Here is where it gets weird. Album showed only at full price and did not appear in the "Complete My Album" listings.

Spent some time corresponding with iTunes support. Eventually I was able to de-confuse the tech and he credited me with the six tunes purchased and sent me a long list of what could be causing the problem, none of which applied.

Went back into iTunes and now the album lists at $1.04 and does show in the "Complete My Album" listings at that price. I am thinking that once I owed less than 99 on the album that iTunes simply lost track of it and the tech simply removed one of my purchases so now the album shows $1.04 rather than the 5 I would expect. I am guessing this was the problem as it did show correctly until I downloaded that 6th track. I have received 6 tunes worth of credit so I am a happy camper assuming the tracks I want to keep download successfully. Waiting till I have an hour or two of dead time before tackling this chore.

Sorry to be so longwinded but it seems to me that if you think you might want to complete an album it would be a good idea to keep the total owing over $1.00. I am using iTunes 9 so no idea if this glitch was cured in iTunes 10 or if even it is unique to Canadian iTunes.

Dec 3rd, 2011, 01:54 PM
Finally got around to downloading the entire album. Downloaded without a problem so obviously the issue was not on the list of possible problems the Apple Rep was pushing and was indeed related to downloading tracks until the total owing on the Album was less than $.99.

Have simply burned 100+ of the tracks to a data CD on the slight chance I might later want one of them. Have deleted those tracks from the HD. Still evaluating the rest but it looks like I got about 35 tracks that I really like for $5.99 so still a pretty good buy. Another dozen or so were dupes of tracks I already owned but in most cases have slightly better quality, so that's a bit of a bonus.