: is this strange behavior?

Jun 19th, 2003, 04:54 PM
I have two behavioral problems: 1). As I am building a PowerPoint presentation and adding slides, I will save the file, close it, and when opening it it tells me that I, the user is trying to manipulate the file, and then asks me if I want to open it as "Read Only." If I cancel, I can't open it. I repaired permissions, rebooted, and it then opened fine. Is repairing permissions a must in creating such a presentation? 2). On occasions, my Quicken (OS9) Docked Files will do nothing. I then go to the file, double-click it and it says it can't find the application and lets me find it. It then works fine. This can be annoying. I don't move the files at all. Any quick answers on these two?