: Postscript (and bmap?) fonts in Word

Jun 11th, 2003, 07:46 AM
I installed these files from the Wedding pack I bought from Fonts.com.

/Library/Fonts/HelindaRook.bmap (font suitcase)
/Library/Fonts/HelindaRookAlt.bmap (font suitcase)
/Library/Fonts/HelinRoo (a postscript font)
/Library/Fonts/HelinRooAlt (postscript font)

When using Microsoft Word v.X, HelindaRookAlt does not work - it is a low resolution pixellated version. See below for the two fonts compared in Word:


The HelindaRook does work. In TextEdit, both fonts work. What am I missing for Word v.X? Why does HelindaRook work but not HelindaRookAlt?

Here it is in TextEdit: