: maximum bitrate for appletv (2)? or go WD media player?

Apr 19th, 2011, 06:43 PM
hi Folks,

in buying my new HD camcorder, I'm now faced with the challenge of properly encoding the clips. I've got the CompressHD card which is fantastic. I'd like to output proper HD files. From what I can read, the ATV still can only accept a max of 5mpbs and a 1280x720 output.

The WD media player seems to be able to handle 11-20 mpbs, unofficially and 1080P.

Not sure what to do. I have the original ATV for which I've been encoding my older SD movies to a max of 4.8 mpbs, but maybe the WD is the way to go if I can jack the Mpbs up. It's SD footage, but I can see the pixelation in it. Just wondering if more mpbs would help it out.



Apr 19th, 2011, 07:58 PM
Don't know much about the compressHD card but if it is trying to do real time compression I would suspect that is the cause of the pixelation... With compression the general rule is you can be fast and inefficient in terms of bit rate, or slower and more efficient.... Most real time hardware encoders opt for fast and inefficient resulting in more compression artifacts, bumping up the bit rate will help, or software encoding(2 or more pass) on a faster multicore processor...

A good encoder should have no problems with pixelation on SD video at a bitrate of 5mbps... Even 720p HD should look fine unless it has a lot of action. ( which doesn't compress as well)

Apr 19th, 2011, 11:17 PM
Agree with Paul82 on this one. The issue here is with how this is being compressed. I get crystal clear "unpixelated" 720p video on my conversions using some optimal Handbrake settings.

Try giving handbrake a try and see if it makes a difference... that should help narrow down the problem.

As for the hardware... if you choose to go non-Apple, I'd go with a Boxee Box over the WD Live any day. I set mine up to link to my iTunes library so my AppleTV and Boxee Box share the same content.